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I'm ok with this, every leftist friend I have that unfriended me was a complete mooch/parasite and I'm glad they are out of my life. My real friends stayed friends with me despite political disagreements. Most of my friends ended up being Trump fans though.

Maybe it's time we started ostracizing leftists?

Here is a vid by molymeme:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lkFCBOJ8rE [Embed]

Liberals are complete parasites, they need us more than we need them. This is comical.

Every leftist regressive that unfriends me is one less leech I need to worry about.

My fucking steam profile is Make America Great Again just to rub it into their face. (Guess who they beg to share their game library? Guess who has 500+ games?)

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[Thread: "Just what the fuck is up with trannies?"]

Why are people who voluntarily choose to change their gender always fucked up in some unrelated way or the other (seemingly stupid, unaccomplished, poor, etc, etc).
Any proper research looking at the conditional probability of being transgender with respect to IQ, education levels and such?


they want life on easy mode

whole identity revolves around being tranny or gay. Gotta let everyone know. Sort of like ex muslims. Never shut the fuck up about it

because a male that feminine can never be a real man. better to convert him for real men to use as they wish.

Systematic child abuse from all outlets by the satanic cult that runs this country

they re degenerates. "I am x" when you are y is textbook delusion and symptomtic of numerous mental disorders. Case closed

>collapsing testosterone rates in Western nations
>skyrocketing rates of trannies in Western nations

It is about hormone imbalance, heavy metals in the brain from tap water and vaccines and general niggeration of society and the Government cover their tracks by saying they were born that way.