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these last two years have been an actual nightmare

I'm unironically having more fun than I ever have in my life.
I love this shit. I was raised on dystopian cyberpunk fiction and tinfoil conspiracy stories like X-Files and Tom Clancy. I spent my teens years browsing /k/ and LARPing innadeaert with my hooligan buddies. I played a bunch of Source games and got addicted to the gloomy, bleak, grey, mournful, empty feeling of games like HL2.
I live and breathe this shit. Not only do I get absolutely rock-hard for post-apicalyotic, blackpilled, hopeless nightmare settings like this in fiction, I've been a serious prepper for over a decade now. What's more, I was even raised in a heavily-religious house and told about the Prophecies of Fatima and the Book of Revelations and the 3 Days of Darkness etc. as a child, along with being armed with a TON of prayers.
Now the entire world is in the midst of a nightmarish totalitarian PSYOP, American cities are starting to resemble post-collapse Eastern Europe, a Chinese bioweapon is loose, billions of people have been placed under house arrest and surveillance, we're approaching civil war, an unelected president was sworn in with 20k troops guarding him at the capitol, propaganda is blatant and everywhere in the most nightmarish THEY LIVE form possible, and they may unironically be implementing a mark of the beast system. I could go on and on, but this is MY SHIT.

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The feminine force comes from The Holy Spirit. Marriage is a mirror of The Holy Spirits nature as both a male and female, Who is one flesh. The Holy Spirits nouns in scripture are He/Him, but thats to go with the flow of The Father and Son, Who are the masculine force and in itself is a feminine act of submission from The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit appears as a Dove, meaning She is a shape shifter, whereas The God of the OT is always a humanoid or elements like fire or cloud. The Holy Spirit is the only One to become an entirely different living creature.

The only time a Dove's sex is mentioned is in Genesis during the flood, where it's a female Dove that Noah sends out. Spirit in Hebrew is feminine, and in Greek is gender neutral.

Satan imitates The Holy Spirit with the tranny movement and various hermaphrodite demons, angels, and gods which are imitations of The Holy Spirits true Holy masculine and feminine form that Satan knows. The only true Transcendent sexual is The Holy Spirit, who is both male and female and The Mother God.

The Father/Son punished Eve harsh because she disgraced her Mother, The Holy Spirit, Who subm

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ngl I enjoy some christian mythology but why is it so gay? there’s no women at all among the saints or idols of veneration with the exception of Mary, who no one even gives a shit about even tho she did something arguably more important than her son (no Mary = no Jesus)

it’s all just man loving man worshipping man-ness, so fucking lame. even this passage of bullshit apocrypha you’re quoting won’t even let ONE THIRD of the tetragrammaton be straight up female, it’s a fuckin tranny. YHWH is a fuckin incel


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White Students Not Allowed at Pennsylvania School District's Drone Camp

The worst part about the states white hate is that it bled into Canada

We used to all hate brown people now we welcome them and want to push the whites out

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That's a ten million dollar settlement just waiting to happen.

LMAO. hahahaha the law does not apply when it protects whites. you're still in the year 1990 brotha.

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Nothing will happen.
Why? Because no one will sue.
This is illegal, but there is not ONE organization to sue them
If it was reverse however, there would be 100 organizations pouring in and sue the school to oblivion
This is the weakness of our system

We don’t have any organization who defend whites for discrimination like this

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You naive moron

Discrimination laws do not apply to white people and there is countless precedent to support that

(American Anon 2)
America has privileged/protected classes which maintain special rights as a form of repayment for lack of representation previously. It’s the same reason nonwhites can have work organizations designed for their needs and networks, but a white based one is illegal

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>White kids not allowed to attend drone camp.
>White kids decide to make their own drone camp.
>Black kids get mad because all their drones are mysteriously broken or stolen
>Black kids demand to be allowed to attend white kids drone camp, Citing general systemic racism for being the reason that they have no equipment.

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They're going to create so much pressure that they're going to end up with mainstream support for pro-White organizations.

If only you knew how cucked whites really are

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whites will go fucking extinct with the last one whining about how its unfair rather than burn down buildings and kill the people in charge of genociding them. congrats bitch. once youre dead from the vaxx your kids are going to be rape meat

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This is the future of Britain, and it's beautiful.

why anon you are telling me I don't belong in the country I was born in and identify with.

you are genetically different
you are a pug trying to be a greyhound, it is false.

Being indian means to be genetically indian, being african is to be genetically african and to be english is to be genetically english.

We accept some movement between the neighbouring countries like france, netherlands, aus, usa, can, etc because they are our genetic brothers.
You do not look like us, you will never look like us and you will never be us. You are not even an adopted brother, you are a colony of slaves who were brought here by jews to keep the host economy running for a few more years.
The english did not vote to bring you here, they would never have voted to bring you here and they never wanted you here. The reason you are 'accepted' is because of the tight hold jews have on the propaganda media network. The general sentiment is that your people are unwanted. You are one of those people and when the media curtain drops you will be removed or worse.
You are vulnerable and in a place you should never have been, protected only by the system which your people seek to destroy.

I am still british even if I'm genetically different anon.

You will be removed because you are not one of us, you do not look like us.
Trust is based largely on genetics, a racially AND culturally homogenous society is one of high trust.

If you wish to trust me, know this: You are not white and cannot be English. If you are not English you will be removed in under 10 years.

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[Comment under “Blonde hair and blue eyes”, archived here]

Why don't Ikeans just rape their own women like their viking anscestors used to do? This is why most American and European white men feel like their losing to minority men. Brown and black people have no reservations in taking the white woman and impregnating her, even if it means by force. Women being women of course, love the rough sex, and fall in love with the savage men even more. Meanwhile, the white man being civilized and respectful (a good thing) waits for concent and "makes love" to the girl, which needless to say bores them to death (their words).

To put it metaphorically, you guys are fighting an uphill battle, you can't fight with the same caliber of weapon as your opponent, can't commit the same war crimes and actively discourage each other to fight back (as it would be racist). Plus, your enemy receives aid from a certain (((group of interest))) which you pay money to every year as foreign aid, so your friend is helping your enemy to fuck you over.

Oh and you discourage sexual promiscuity because it is degenerate, but that is the one thing that would allow you to circumvent everything and produce millions of white babies the way blacks do in their gettos. I say you are in quite the predicament, and you prohibit every strategy that would allow you to win. Of course you're gonna go exstinct dummies, jews and asians are next in line to the planetary throne, and IDK that it's such a good thing. So get your shit together.

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I'm ok with this, every leftist friend I have that unfriended me was a complete mooch/parasite and I'm glad they are out of my life. My real friends stayed friends with me despite political disagreements. Most of my friends ended up being Trump fans though.

Maybe it's time we started ostracizing leftists?

Here is a vid by molymeme:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lkFCBOJ8rE [Embed]

Liberals are complete parasites, they need us more than we need them. This is comical.

Every leftist regressive that unfriends me is one less leech I need to worry about.

My fucking steam profile is Make America Great Again just to rub it into their face. (Guess who they beg to share their game library? Guess who has 500+ games?)

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[Thread: "Just what the fuck is up with trannies?"]

Why are people who voluntarily choose to change their gender always fucked up in some unrelated way or the other (seemingly stupid, unaccomplished, poor, etc, etc).
Any proper research looking at the conditional probability of being transgender with respect to IQ, education levels and such?


they want life on easy mode

whole identity revolves around being tranny or gay. Gotta let everyone know. Sort of like ex muslims. Never shut the fuck up about it

because a male that feminine can never be a real man. better to convert him for real men to use as they wish.

Systematic child abuse from all outlets by the satanic cult that runs this country

they re degenerates. "I am x" when you are y is textbook delusion and symptomtic of numerous mental disorders. Case closed

>collapsing testosterone rates in Western nations
>skyrocketing rates of trannies in Western nations

It is about hormone imbalance, heavy metals in the brain from tap water and vaccines and general niggeration of society and the Government cover their tracks by saying they were born that way.