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You have more sexual power dating older. The feminist arguments are full of it IMO

That gives you more sexual power compared to the sexual power you get with people your age. You have your youth as leverage so how exactly is it more predatory knowing you have more power to get what you want out of them compared to the ability to get what you want out of people your own age? You try getting more out of someone your age when they compare you to Stacy. The older man compares you to the 50 year olds. The world is a transaction and life is about getting what you want. Go live in your idealist blue pilled world where age shouldn't matter and where you "should" be competing with your age who see you as ugly because they've seen porn all their lives. Go ahead. Be idealist lol. If you think being bullied by moids your age is preferable you've drank too much of the blue pilled koolaid.

Sure you can make the argument that younger women have more "sexual power" by dating older, but sexual power doesn't mean shit when you're comparing it to actual power (money, capital, etc.) that the older man has and will use to make you dependent on him, wasting years of your precious youth. You're a human being not a pawn some moid can use to quell his own fear of aging.

I get that we are on a femcel sub, but do you want to simply get fucked by a shitty, insecure, and manipulative man that you're not attracted to at all because you want some rent money, or do you want a loving relationship with someone that you can build a future with?

I don't get the power imbalance thing. If you don't live with someone and they aren't your boss, your teacher, your parents, or a religious figure how exactly would they have "power" over you?

Also many women here were bullied and abused by others yet that's considered better treatment because "it's their age". I don't see how positive attention from the motive of valuing youth is worse. Positive from an ulterior motive is better than negative from a harsh motive. I value my parents opinion not some random 60 year old on the street

Yeah you don't get the power imbalance thing and that's why you made a bad post.

You aren't looking at things from a holistic perspective. Dating an older man is bad because you are dating a predatory person…? They only like you because you are younger than them and therefore they are expecting you to be naive and easy to manipulate. So they are coming into the relationship with the intent to dominate over you in the relationship. If you become financially and emotionally dependent on someone, it becomes very hard to leave them, even if they are abusive.

So in other words it's better for someone to randomly hook up and get insulted and called ugly like the people on here do without pay because it's not "predatory?" right? Manipulation is a part of life and someone many years older or younger could love each other or have each other's interests in mind.



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