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Homosexuals can't defend themselves within an intellectual argument, because it is so obvious and blatant that they are WRONG. So instead they spread misinformation and false allegations of ignorance and hatred. Since when is standing for morality hatred? Is it hatred to stand against racial discrimination? No, of course not! Is it hatred to stand against voter fraud? No, of course not! So why should homosexuals be allowed to hurt children and society? Teaching children that it's ok for two boys to fall in love, get married and have sex is harmful to them in every way. Homosexuality is a sick practice.

Homosexuality is dangerous. I heard a surgeon talk about a man whose gay lover shoved a dildo into his rectum and punctured his intestines. The doctor said it took them one month to remove all the fecal contamination from his intestines before they could even do the surgery to repair his damaged intestines. And those idiots at GLSEN are teaching teens how to FIST-SEX each other in public schools. Isn't that sad and tragic? These freaks are teaching this garbage to kids!!! Homosexuality is not normal. By very nature of the wicked practice of homosexuality requires the use of bizarre sex toys, implements, and weird sexual behavior. They are freaks, kooks and weirdoes. The state of Mississippi outlaws the sale of sex toys, because they still believe in good old-fashioned marriage. Once upon a time people used to be normal. Nowadays there's all sorts of enhancement drugs, implements, toys, breast implants, machines, et cetera.

A man in the Navy told me about a female Navy officer who was lonely without her husband. She ordered a plastic blow-up doll and the box broke open for several people to see. She was embarrassed to say the least. Now they've removed the prohibition for the military to have sex with animals in the NDAA bills that President Obama signed December 31, 2011. This world has gone insane!!!



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