Gabriel Erb #fundie

After awaking, I tried to understand what was meant by the joists being a date. Did it mean Feb 10, 2016? Was something terrible going to happen on that day just a few months away?

Well, long story short, that evening around 6 pm I received a comment on our 2028 END website from a man named David who had lost a cousin the previous day (Watch video at top of this page) who then did some serious reflecting on life and when Christ would return. He asked God to show him in the American Stock Market move that day, which was Friday November 13, 2017. And guess what it moved? Exactly 202.8 points down!!! STUNNING!!!

At that point, I took a drive with my wife, and all of a sudden the light went on for what the date meant in my dream that morning (the numbers were to be added together!) … 2 + 10 + 16 = 28 !!! My dream was ALSO a prophecy of the year of Christ’s return, showing the awful destruction that will occur during that event — AD 2028!



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