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The High Price of Losing the Culture War

Imagine living in a culture that has become so degenerate and depraved that your love for it is shoved aside by disgust. In such a culture, nonconformists who resist brainwashing will be marginalized. Cut off, alienated, thinking themselves alone, they will put up minimal resistance to those driving what Obama calls the “fundamental transformation” of America. That is why the liberal ruling class is aggressively using its control of the government, military, media, and schools to impose the normalization of homosexuality.

The poison has reached even small towns:

Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor, two seniors at Carmel High School in Putnam County, New York, have become the first gay people to be voted “cutest couple” in the school’s yearbook.

The perverted pair are reportedly “happy to be role models.”

No one in their right mind could think encouraging high school students to engage in deviant sex acts that spread lethal diseases like AIDS is constructive. But no one in their right mind has a voice in the journalism or education establishments.

The military provides the masterminds more direct control. Consequently, the Marines are getting transformed from The Few, The Proud into this (barf alert).

The revulsion this depravity evokes in normal people is not taught but instinctual, like the reaction to the smell of sewage and rotting corpses. It serves the same purpose: to protect us from that which threatens our health.

But this natural revulsion can be overcome, if only temporarily. All the drovers who are driving the herd off a cliff need to do is convince people that they are bad for feeling it. Humans can convince themselves of literally anything if they think it is what others believe, and what they must believe too to be good persons. They will even believe sickness is health.



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