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[TikTok pill] Whores are getting knocked up by chad at 14


"When someone asks me why I have a 10 year old daughter at 25" Not only is this sl*t not ashamed, she proudly proclaims her degeneracy to the world with the daughter by her side! In 5 years she's gonna make a video with the caption "When someone asks me why I am a grandmother at 30".

maybe they're praising her because she didn't abort it like most 12 to 14 yo sluts?

Yeah, a degenerate slut who doesn't murder her child is still better than a degenerate slut who does murder her child

Is that girl next to her her daughter?


Jesus Christ, her 10 year old foidling looks like she's in her mid to late 20s. JFL these whores age in dog years, didn't know the CC lifestyle hit that hard :lul:

You can tell from the daughter she fucked a "Bull" to produce that. Twinks don't produce such robust daughters. I'd still destroy her tight jb pussy in Minecraft ngl



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