SlayerSlayer #sexist

[Soy] You need to see women as people!

The more I see women as not women, but as people on a level playing field, the more inclined I am to just naturally not talk to any of them.

Dealing with women is a lot like dealing with an extremely soy man. Both are garbage people not worth your time. I have more tolerance for women than I do for male feminists, because at least women are more inclined to be feminist out of self-preservation rather than as a sociopathic guise to manipulate them under a false pretense of virtue.

Men, especially incel men, have no overlapping interests with most women. Most women want to dance, and talk about Lily Singh, or Hannah Gatsby, or talk about their pets, or Instagram. They are also emotionally unavailable. They only seem to talk about their problems to their therapist, or their bestie. Not even their own spouses. It puzzles me immensely to have somewhat of a foothold in relating to such people without restorting to the most sociopathic of tactics.



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