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Soon, the standard Asian male proposal will be offering their girlfriends keys to their chastity cages.

By offering to surrender full control of his sexuality to her, he is letting his partner know that he is willing to commit to a life of celibacy and servitude to be with her. His willingness to have his penis locked away by her will convey to her that his commitment to WMAF sex will be primarily for satisfying her sexual needs and desires, and not just for his own sexual gratification.

If she accepts the proposal, the locking away of his penis will be bound by law. Any attempts to break free from the cage or masturbate outside of her terms will be grounds for a divorce. His perpetual horniness for his wife will act as a constant motivator to make enough money to provide her with a lavish lifestyle, to cook and clean after her, and to be of service to her while she is with her string of White lovers.

Only when he has fulfilled all his duties as an Asian husband will he be allowed to have a brief release from his chastity cage, when he will finally get to masturbate to thought of his wife with her White lovers in private.



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