lunarmaris #transphobia

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Exactly! It's like a evil doomsday cult where there can be no happy ending for their members.

God forbid the cult wins. This would be absolutely horrific and go even beyond reinstating bronze-age patriarchy -- it's not only dismantling all sex-based protections, setting up a gender-inquisition, mutilating bodies -- I'd say in fact it is the end of the human species as we know it. I don't find the following nightmare scenario implausible: We'll be ruled by an elite group of polygamous masculine men ruling the weak men who will be forced to become TIMs and women at the very bottom.

Or the mainstream society finally comes to its senses and roots it out. With permanent repercussions for their former 'branded' (= the 'look') members. Either way, you're screwed.

That's also my personal motivation to fight it. While in the great scheme of things, I'm powerless, I can still help individual people to see this awful truth and keep them from joining a destructive cult heading for doom!



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