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[Discussion] The biggest bluepill pusher - Chad

There are three types of bluepillers:

>Ugly cucks who can't accept the reality and give up the game
>Foids who of course gain from cucks being bluepilled

But there is a group not many people notice that they have to keep bluepilling themselves to sleep well at night and certainly this group is not seen as bluepilled often enough - CHADS.

Yes, Chad will never admit that it's not just lucky dice roll of good genes that makes him popular and gives him easy life mode. He would have to admit that Stacy wouldn't see a worthy person in him if he was one of us, that he didn't get to where he is today with hard work, that he doesn't have personality, that he is not anything special. I hate chads TBH, more so than majority of this forum. Chad is the pupetteer behind the curtain and he steers foids and cucks to do his bidding of bluepilling others for his own gain. Chad is like a jew.



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