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Uh oh, this superhero wannabe wants to play tough guy over the internet lol. But the fact is, you're basically letting it be known that you're one of those Asian men who make us all look weak and pitiful. You do know that, right? And the fact that you don't know about this tells me that you have very little experience with women in general.

Its very funny that you think I suffer from low self-esteem, when I know that I'm better than you in every way possible. Maybe its just that I actually have pride in myself as a man and want to be with a woman who actually likes Asian culture, and by extension, Asian men. I mean, where the fuck is your pride? Its like, you're one of those fucked up looking Asian men who aren't men at the end of the day.

Third, yes, the majority of Asian women in America are with white guys. Whether that means they think Asian men are below them or a 2nd choice, I'll never know. But what I do know is that this is leading white guys to think they're better than us. Hence, why I'm not around Asian women like this.

And fuck yeah we Asian men as a whole, are insecure as fuck lol. I mean, what do you expect when Asian women are denigrating Asian men with their white guys? Which is why Asian men like me only want to get with Asian women who love Asian culture and Asian men.

And you're a fucking idiot if you think that I think all Asian women are secretly wanting white guys. You do know that I've been with Asian women who you will never be able to attract, right? Again, nobody is going on about all Asian women. We're just discussing a very specific subset of Asian women that happens to be a slight majority in America. The women that you want to play superhero for lol.



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