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(Commenting on story "Elementary School Principal Announces to Parents That She Is ‘Transitioning’ Into Man"):

Adam: Sword of the Spirit
Folks -- it is only going to get worse. Much worse.
The world condition is almost completely as it was during Noah's time, prior to the Flood (and spiritually prepare yourselves: it's going to be just as Genesis 6 describes it). Expect far worse and deeper perversions than these, as this world becomes more and more Hellish.
Invest much time in your personal prayer closets, interceding for the lost and for God's mercy. The race is close to being over...our redemption draweth nigh.

Doug Bristow:
Amen. Even so come soon Lord Jesus.

Hi Adam.
I see the latter days upon us, as well. While I still pray for revival in our land, especially since hope flickered when we were spared a Hillary presidency, it seems the tide of evil is too great to turn back. The angels that visited Lot may have their sights set on America now.

Adam: Sword of the Spirit:
Sister, from what I've read from those who testify to receiving a spiritual vision of such...they are only waiting for God's command, at this point, to pour out the bowls of judgment.
These are the last days pertaining to the "age of grace".

Yes, what I read from the link you recently posted to your page listing Bible verses, dreams and prophesies was more than interesting, although I had difficulty accepting truth from sources other than the word of God. I can tell you put a lot of effort into your watchman duties!
While I expect things to continually deteriorate, it's painful--and at times horrifying--to see people viciously rebel against righteousness and degenerate into baseness... and at times I must turn away in sorrow and cheer myself by reading Psalms 91 and 139...

Doug Bristow:
She is mentally and spiritually ill and has no business being around or in charge of children. She should be fired.

Adam: Sword of the Spirit:
Hello, Doug.
Man -- it is getting worse in the world! It was only 3 short years ago, back when we were on Charisma News, that transgenderism wasn't even on the radar. ...I perceive that pedophilia is going to be the next perversion to hit the mainstream (that is, if God doesn't rain judgment down on this nation, first).

Doug Bristow:
I hate to say it but I agree with you 100%. Pedophilia has been thriving mostly under the radar until now with it being practiced by muslims, politicians, being approved by MSM pundits, child sex slaves being offered through select UN channels......the list goes on and on and like you said will very soon go mainstream just like the perversion of homosexuality. Society will clamor for it and encourage government leaders to sanction it for it being so "normal" and just another part of everyday life.
This is not the world I grew up in; it is rotten as a cesspool and I am glad there are more days behind me than in front of me and my eternal home with our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

Lady Checkmate:
It's not the world I grew up in as well. When I look around me now I see the time of the beginning book of Revelation getting ready to unfold.How sad for those who reject God and His Son. But our time to be with God and His Son is so close now.Can you imagine the day we see Christ? What a day that will be.



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