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D.M.S. #fundie christiannews.net

We don't need maniacs throwing gay people or pregnant women in jail because of your beliefs.

Don’t worry in less than 100 years there won’t be even 1 person on the entire planet that’s lgbtq.
And all abortions will be outlawed throughout the entire world.
Also there will not be even one Buddhist, one muslim, or one Hindu, either.

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Vic B. Vapor #fundie christiannews.net

NOTE: Vic B. Vapor is a one-trick pony, a troll whose tack is the same with everyone. He targets atheists, and questions them about their “religiosity”, their “affiliated bretheren” (sic), and their “preaching”. In other words, determined to paint atheism as a religion using the same exact words each time. For that reason I will submit only this one post of his. Everything else is variations on the same theme.

Alan Smithee:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”
Translation: We're not going to do religions any special favors. Plain as day.

Vic B. Vapor:
Then you are inclined to okay withdrawing taxation loopholes for the democrat party, since it has interwoven itself into your religion, Alan.?

Alan Smithee:
What religion is that Vic? You got nothing.

Vic B. Vapor:
Religiously stated... exactly the way your affiliated brethren prefer it, Alan.?

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Nigelteapot #fundie christiannews.net

buddhism is a warrior religion based around the devil's lie that "gnosis/enlightenment/illumination" will make "ye be like gods." really, you are just being tricked to worship su*c*de and h*ll by demons.

so you follow paganism and absurd delusions of giving up all the way to h*ll, all in the hopes of making your shame over sodomy go away?

Christianity is about what is Love, what is Absolutely True, and Natural Law.

you were allowed to be born here instead of in h*ll for one reason: to Repent. you have so far chosen against that.

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D.M.S. #fundie christiannews.net

Canis Vulpes:
It isn't your place to comment on how "Christian" another Christian is.

By scripture yes it is. We Christians are to let our brothers and sisters in Christ know if they’re sinning against God/Jesus.

Canis Vulpes:
And if they do the same against you, and undoubtedly see things they consider wrong and unbiblical, what are we left with? A bunch of Christian groups playing No True Scotsman and pointing fingers at each other. No wonder Christianity is not taken seriously by so many people. You guys can't even unite and get your act together.
Atheists don't seem to bother with this place, but more reasonable liberal-minded Christians probably take issue with your nazi-like posturings.

Most liberal-minded Christians will probably go to hell with all of the nonbelievers.
Like there’s no such thing as a married homosexual Christian. They don’t exist to God/Jesus in any form.

Canis Vulpes:
Why do I just imagine you rubbing your hands together with glee at the idea?
This is just a paranoid revenge fantasy for you. Anyone who dares believe differently gets punished for eternity. That's sick, man.

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pastoredsmith #fundie christiannews.net

If a nonprofit is barred from endorsing or opposing a candidate, why is Planned Parenthood not? This is not about "nonprofits," it's about the church. Totally unconstitutional and completely gagging the church. Nothing more, nothing less.

Because of separation of church and state. This is obvious.

So, it's not 'nonprofit," it's "church?" Right. So, the First Amendment doesn't apply at all, huh? WRONG. BTW. There is no such thing as "separation of church and state" as being interpreted in the US Constitution. I suggest you read it rather than spouting liberal talking points.

Taxing churches would violate separation of church and state. If you're going to blatantly endorse politicians, you're violating it and should be taxed. You can't have it both ways.

Wrong. You can't muzzle Christians in America. Read the First Amendment. We are Americans who chose to be Christians. Yes, here in this country, we do have it both ways. No, it won't be taken away.

Then pay your taxes. You've waived the right to have tax-free status if you're going to endorse politicians. I mean I learned this in grade 6.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut christiannews.net

you do evil to yourself.

you posted on some Columbus article a while back, but I don't think the paper will make it out of moderation there. So I will post it here as it applies.

you remind me of when Venerable Fulton Sheen said that those against the Church will listen only to heretics and third rate lies of dishonest historians.

All to lie to themselves I the hopes of hating the Church in the hopes of ignoring the Church.

In Eternity, you will not be able to lie to yourself. the greatest pain of hell is knowing you have wronged God.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut christiannews.net

(talking to a Buddhist who believes in ‘live and let live’)

NIGELTEAPOT: let you destroy everything and turn everywhere you are into hell? No.

you outright reject this by the absurdity of relativism, but you have lived in Christian countries so long you forgot how unique to Christianity all is.

Everything you know and take for granted was created by, and can only exist within, the Church.

Without your remaining Catholic Capital, you collapse like all pagans.

Buddhism is a warrior religion based around the devil's lie that "gnosis/enlightenment/illumination" will make "ye be like gods." really, you are just being tricked to worship suicide and hell by demons.

so you follow paganism and absurd delusions of giving up all the way to hell, all in the hopes of making your shame over sodomy go away?

Christianity is about what is Love, what is Absolutely True, and Natural Law.

you were allowed to be born here instead of in hell for one reason: to Repent. you have so far chosen against that.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut christiannews.net

you tried to scare yourself out of repenting by claiming what you do to yourself is done by God. this is blaspheming by the mortal sin of despair: trying to absolve yourself by projecting in the hopes another is damned in your place.

No, God does everything to Save you, but you rejected Him. All of your sins and evils are self inflicted.

God left you to your own self-destruction because you asked for it. No sense wasting time on those who are suicidal and therefore outright do not want to be in the Hierarchy of Grace.

hell is the default. As your kind say: the path of the "basic bitch"

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #psycho christiannews.net

Khanhminh Nguyen: One of my former classmates told me herself that I would die a horrific way if I didn't stop being a Buddhist. I asked her if she talked about [Revelation 14:14-20], and she answered yes. She even told me that it was the best judgment her god had for non Christians.

If this passage was Koranic words, people would be horrified. Nevertheless, because it was biblical text, believers' sentiment was softened and even cheerful. That's why evangelical Christians frighten me just like "moderate" Muslims.

NIGELTEAPOT: She was right, you should have listened instead of becoming possessed (sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance all but guarantee it)

The Greatest Act of Love by God is hell as everywhere the wicked are turns into hell.

you were born here instead of hell to give you a chance to repent. you then must prove yourself worthy of a spot in the Hierarchy of Grace left vacant by the demons.

you were weak and so God removed His Grace from you (or what little is allowed to the unbaptized, if any) and that was to harden your heart so you destroy yourself but also to let demons push the process along.

you could Repent, which being go beyond your weakness and ascend to a higher state of ring than sodomite monster, but that would require Strength. you would have to completely give up all of your evil to do so from your situation.

I think you can do it, but I also see a sad, suicidal man trying to do the work of demons out of fear of demons. Hopefully the Holy Spirit can convert you, but you would have to prove yourself worthy first.

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Roger Marks #fundie christiannews.net

(commenting on story “Kentucky Supreme Court Dismisses Suit Against Screen Printer Who Declined Order for ‘Gay Pride’ T-Shirts”)

It is quite clear it was a targetted assasination. They obviously looked up his website to see that word Christian in it then embarked upon a hatchet job to get him up before the courts and destroyed. You would be forgiven for thinking that these homosexuals are as thick as two short planks.

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Grace Kim Kwon #fundie #wingnut christiannews.net

White people should never mock Christianity. All their goodness and intelligence is from Christianity. White people who mock Christianity are also mocking their own parents. Honor your father and your mother. Exodus 20. Parent-bashers do not get respect no matter how rich and powerful they are. White people should stay Christian to be moral on earth. Americans' lifespan got shortened because they disrespect their own Christian forefathers. Exodus 20. Like all others, Americans need Christianity for salvation and also for morality and happiness on earth.

In fact, all Western people who disrespect Christianity disrespect everything in the entire universe including their own life. Sad. Like all others, Westerners need Christianity for life and meaning.

I think rich secular nations are facing childlessness because of excessive immorality. Childlessness is a form of God's punishment upon the wicked nations. Read Isaiah chapter 40.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut christiannews.net

abortion is killing of the innocent. it is against the 10 Commandments. you blaspheme again, hell-begger.

the first sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance is the most heinous act of murder, of which you are complicit in over 2,200,000,000 times over.

Heaven will cheer at you having to answer for each and every one, I promise you. I cannot tell you how much you harm all of us and how much of a relief it will be to be free of you Forever.

it hurts me to tell you to Repent as we ALL need freedom from you.

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TheWorldIsDoomed #fundie christiannews.net

Even if you dont believe in a creator God, you cant dismiss biology. We see this in the animal kingdom, male and female mating. Its the natural order.
The anus is not a sexual organ. Its for excrement/waste.
The homosexual lifestyle has serious consequences, ie risk of aids/hiv, colon cancers, high suicide rate in lgbtq, high level of domestic violence etc.
To advertise cereal promoting the minority groups of lgbtq on young impressionable minds is careless and unloving.
Children need to be taught the natural order of relationships/sex/pro creation

Justus Jonas:
Why are you discussing the anus? Lesbians represent 50% of the homosexual population, how often do you think they engage in Anal sex? And what about all the straight couples who DO?

Why do lesbians feel the need to use phallic sex toys? (Shows that homosexuals cannot escape the natural order of sexual intimacy)
Or, why is it, when you see, lets say, male homos (for short) theres always the "feminine" one, and the more manly one.
Same with female homos. Theres always a bloke looking one, and a more female one.

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pastoredsmith #fundie christiannews.net

(in response to story “Scientists Warn Human ‘Mini-Brains’ created from stem cells in lab may be sentient, able to feel pain”):

Interesting discovery. Now, apply this science to that of a zygote. A fertilized egg in the mother's womb. Brain cells can feel pain, too but a "fetus" is not able to feel pain until birth? Can you say "hypocrite?" Ignore science when it disagrees with your agenda, you throw out the science, but when it agrees or is neutral on your agenda, you leave it alone. I'll say it. Hypocrites. Accept science for what it is and stop manipulating the truth!

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Brian Matthews #fundie #transphobia #wingnut christiannews.net

Brian Matthews: It's sad that you are so delusional to think cutting the genitals off a little boy is a good thing.

And NO, you don't understand me at all. I have reached out to you several times trying to get you to understand, but you have ignored it all.

"Accept your biological gender, and get over it."

Those are your words, not mine. Mine were far more gracious, and beautiful, but you hate truth.

What one DOES have to ACCEPT is the truth. Rejecting truth keeps you from seeing greater truth. One who continually denies reality becomes more, and more delusional, until they can no longer see reality.

You say it doesn't work that way? You'd be surprised. Christ said the truth will set you free, but you'd rather go with what you feel rather than what you know.

Besides, I've shared the gospel with you. No one said you have to clean yourself up BEFORE you come to Christ. Christ will clean you up. That's what salvation is. That's what redemption is. That's what the GOOD NEWS is.

If I had to get my act together before I came to Christ, why would I need Him? Why would the Gospel be good news?

What you do have to do is admit the truth. Admit that God is right, and you are wrong. That you have a problem, and Christ is the solution, and that you sincerely want the solution. As long as you continue to justify, and defend sin, you will never be justified by God.

SFBruce: I thought I made myself clear about this, but apparently that's not the case. I can't tell you how much I don't want spiritual advice from you. The fact the you seem to think you know exactly what I need is both insulting and presumptious. We had this exchange before.

There really are people in the world who have the sense that their own sense of their gender doesn't match their physicality. From what I've read, psychotherapy alone, intended to resolve that conflict, just doesn't work. In the interest of looking to knowledge over feelings, consider reading some of the scientific material about the subject. When you inaccurately accuse me of thinking "cutting the genitals off a little boy is a good thing," you show how shallow your understanding of the issue is. Other reports of this case indicate Luna's mother has chosen not to do puberty blockers at this point, and there are many protocols that would be followed before the kind of surgery you mention would be entertained.

Brian Matthews: You are sick and twisted, and I'll not waste any more of my time on you.

You're a monster. God will deal with you.


Canis Vulpes: This is what you do, block people when you can't take it anymore??? Why are you even here?

Brian Matthews: I'm fed up with you wicked, insane people. You can't be reasoned with, and you hate the truth.

You're arrogant, selfish, and self centered, thinking the whole world, and everyone in it has to change to suit your sick delusions. Instead of working on changing your wrong feelings to correspond with reality, you work feverishly to change reality to correspond with your wrong feelings.

Oh, but your feelings can't be wrong......but mine can. You can't change......but the rest of us must.

You are also self righteous. You're a bunch of virtue signalers. You do the easy thing by going along with the crowd. It takes no courage. It's popular. It's the path of least resistance. Yet, somehow, you're a hero.

No, what you really are is a doomed hypocrite, and I'm done interacting with you people. My blood pressure can't take it.

And, I'm on here as a witness to truth, and to speak out against evil. You haven't silenced me, not by a long shot. All you've done is silenced yourself as far as I'm concerned. I will still keep talking. I'm just done listening to you reprobates. I don't need to hear you constantly try to justify evil. That's certainly not why I'm here.


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White Genocide is Real #racist christiannews.net

White supremacy is a myth, a false tale told by communist globalist Marxist liberal democrats on a mission to genocide white people in the very nation they founded.

White Supremacist = A White man that openly objects to his political dispossession and demographic replacement by the 3rd World Hordes in the nation forged out of a savage wilderness by his White Forefathers

“There are some things that must be said so that future generations will know that at least some of us were aware, and that our generation was not entirely composed of cowards and fools.” - Guillaume Faye

White is much more than skin colour. White refers specifically to the peoples of European Descent just as Blacks refer to those of African descent.

Whites (Europeans) are a distinct Caucasoid phenotype.

Whites are one people... One race with many different tribes people, just like blacks in Africa are of one racial group which make up many different tribes. A swede who marries a pole and has a child is not race mixing and committing racial suicide. When Whites mix their racial bloodlines with Blacks, Asians, Latinos or Indians that is racial suicide.

The reason why Whites in America have been reduced to using the term White Nationalism is because the American identity have been hijacked by ((( Marxists immigrant propaganda))) and non-whites think they can be included in the American Nation. They can't...one is born into a nation by blood. The American ethnicity was forged out of Europeans Stock. How did this happen...because Whites (Europeans) are cousins by blood.

If you're not White (European) you're not an American. A nation is blood. A nation is not an idea.

Genes =DNA=Blood...create culture. If all the races were the same and equal then we would all have the same culture. It's a lie and everyone knows it..we see the lie daily everywhere we look.

Civilizations do not die. They commit suicide and it is what we are witnessing throughout all of White Western civilization. Neither those in power nor the people think enough of their civilization to preserve it.

The masses have been (((brainwashed))) by the progressive canard of multiculturalism that all cultures are equal. If you think your culture isn’t better than another, then you have no reason to care if it is preserved and replaced by another.

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Bro. Nick Nicholas #fundie christiannews.net

Jack J - No Sir - I had not previously heard of - Nor am I interested in your Atheist web-site 'FSTDT'
- And "the words of truth" that I quote ARE NOT mine - For they are quotes ONLY from the 66 Books of "the law of God" ~ as they are Divinely Preserved ONLY in the Holy Bible [AV]~[KJV]~[KJB]~[AKJV]
AND - It is ONLY those of us who truly are Biblically "saved" and "born again" believers and followers of "our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" - 'Biblical CHRISTians' - who are able to understand and believe in "the words of truth" that are written in the Holy Bible [AV].
- And you are part of the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy when you made the statement about --- '. . . . . . the craziest religious zealots, . . . . . .'
- Because it is "our Lord Jesus Christ" who Personally Prophetically Spoke "the words of truth" that are written in John 15:19-20 [AV]:
"If ye were of the world, the world would love his own:
but because ye are not of the world,
but I have chosen you out of the world,
therefore the world hateth you.
Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord.
If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; . . . "
- And those of us who truly are 'Biblical CHRISTians' also know that the Biblically Prophetic Words that were also Personally Spoken by "our Lord Jesus" in
John 16:2-3 [AV] may begin to happen AT ANY TIME in this increasingly "wicked" \ "antichrist" spirited \ post-Christian country of 'Amerika':
They shall put you out of the synagogues:
yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
And these things will they do unto you,
because they have not known the Father, nor me.

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Ted R. Weiland #fundie #homophobia christiannews.net

QUESTION: Did the LGBTQ movement exist under the early 1600 governments of, by, and for God established upon His immutable moral law, including Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Deuteronomy 22:5, etc.?

ANSWER: Of course not!

CONCLUSION: Then there must then be a definitive moment in America's history when her Christian character and biblical course were officially altered. That point was in 1787 when a cadre of Enlightenment and Masonic theistic rationalists (aka the constitutional framers) replaced the early 1600 governments for their own humanistic government of, by, and for the people based upon capricious man-made traditions (aka the biblically seditious Constitution):

"...3. Every problem America faces today can be traced back to the fact that the framers failed to expressly establish a government upon Yahweh’s immutable morality as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments. (Would in utero infanticide and sodomy be tolerated, let alone financed by the government, if Yahweh’s perfect law and altogether righteous judgments were the law of the land? Would Islam be a looming threat to our peace and security if the First Amendment had been replaced with the First Commandment?...

"On February 27, 2009, James Dobson conceded that we have lost the culture wars. This is the consequence of Christians [including Dr. Dobson and Franklin Graham] having spent the last two centuries lopping at the rotten branches of our culture’s corrupt tree while watering and fertilizing its roots.

"We should lop away at the tree’s corrupt branches (infanticide, sodomy, the economy, etc.). However, until the root of these problems is Biblically addressed, we will never shut down the infanticide mills, we will never defeat the sodomites, and we will never fix the economy. In short, we will never win the culture wars. This issue is more than important for anyone concerned about God, our nation, and the future of our posterity, it’s the cutting- edge issue of our day...."

For more, google our Featured Blog Article "5 Reasons the Constitution is Our Cutting-Edge Issue."

Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that examines the Constitution by the Bible.

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Brian Matthews #fundie christiannews.net

When the anti Christ comes, won't he seem to be the best option, too? He's not going to be wearing a t shirt with ANTI CHRIST printed on it. He's not going to seem evil at first. It won't be obvious. It's going to require DISCERNMENT. A thing most people lack these days.

Christians aren't to act like we are desperate, fleeing to a man for salvation. We are to trust God, and do what's right, leaving the results up to Him.

Trump is pro LGBT, approved of the government's jailing of a Christian woman, and participates in pagan rituals, among other things. It's not my job as a child of God to strategize how to use rebellous politicians to save a rebellious nation. My job is to choose good, and reject the evil.

Trump supports the very wickedness that's condemning this country. That I have been fighting against for decades. I can't support such a man.

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Roger Marks #fundie christiannews.net

(Commenting on story “Belgium Considers Assisted Suicide for 23-Year-Old With ‘Poor Mental Health’”)

How long before they just start making those decisions for their patients all on their own...

Alan Smithee:
Slippery slope argument. Won't happen.

Roger Marks:
You are so gullible. Every act of government approved killing always starts with "consider." It starts with a white paper, which is then converted into a green paper which is then converted into a discussion paper, which is then converted into a parliamentrry committee which is then converted into a draft law which is then converted into a law passed by parliament.

This period of time will go down as the most dangerous to live in as government thinks up all manner of things to kill off people that are considered less that useful and on the basis of that is what people want.
In my State the majority were against euthanasia especially doctors. Never mind, according to the government that is what people wanted (read, that is what we want). Add to that abortion made legal at any time and what hope have you got of ever living a full and happy life.
You have to wonder why government want to make it legal to kill people off? Probably because it makes it cheaper for government because they don't have to have medical facilities cluttered up with less than useful individuals.
it seems we have learnt nothing from the Hitler holocaust.

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Roger Marks #fundie christiannews.net

Get your head out of the sand bozo. It is clear as day that Islam is a religion of hate and the Koran says that the reason why they immigrate to other countries is to take it over and if someone gets in your way, kill them.

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Brian Matthews #fundie christiannews.net

I was very slow to give up on these people. Perhaps too slow, but now I'm done with them.

It was ONLY love that motivated me to keep trying to reach them, but they are stone cold dead inside. They will not be able to tell God on judgement day that they weren't warned, or given a chance.

Those are good verses that speak well to my position, and there are several others. Here's one:

"And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and
men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the
light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth
comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have
been done in God.” John 3:19-20
I will keep proclaiming truth, and I will do my best to help anyone who sincerely asks, but I'm not here to argue, nor do I care to read the wicked's elaborate attempts to justify evil. The wicked have always been good at defending their sin.

This is my version of shaking the dust off my feet as a testimony against them.

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Bro. Nick Nicholas #fundie christiannews.net

I am a Biblically "saved" and "born again" "believeth" follower of "the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" - a 'Biblical CHRISTian' -
- AND - This is YET ANOTHER message about MORE of MY brothers and a sister "in Christ Jesus our Lord" --- this time in INDIA --- who are being SEVERELY persecuted by the willing followers of "that antichrist" spirit --- RIGHT NOW ! ! !
- Why ? - Because they "through faith" visited a member of their church who also "believeth" in:
~~~ "the only begotten Son of God" ~ "the Son of man" " ~ our Lord Jesus" ~~~
AND - As a 'Biblical CHRISTian' - My personal Prayers continue to be that there are other true 'Biblical CHRISTian' who will also personally 'Put On' - and 'Keep On' - and 'Constantly Use' - 'the Whole Armour of God' - iaw:
Ephesians 6:10-20 + Hebrews 4:12 + 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 + James 4:7-8 [AV]~[KJV]
- And that "the residue" of us who truly are the members of "'the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth" - That we will EACH frequently - and effectually - and fervently Pray for "ALL SAINTS" as we are COMMANDED to do in Ephesians 6:18 [AV]:
Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit,
and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for ALL SAINTS;
--- And I do personally also Pray for ALL of my "brethren" --- whoever and wherever they may be ---
- For "the words of truth" are written in 1 Thessalonians 5:23-25 [AV]:
And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly;
and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.
Brethren, pray for us.
- With additional Prayers for ALL of MY Persecuted brothers and sisters "in Christ Jesus our Lord" in INDIA - and in the 140+ Other countries all around the world where Christians are being Persecuted --- RIGHT NOW ! ! !
- For "it is written" in Hebrews 13:3 [AV]:
Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them;
and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.
- FOR "the words of truth" are written unto all of us who truly are Biblical believers and followers of "our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep" in James 1:22 [AV]:
But be ye doers of the word,
and not hearers only,
deceiving your own selves.

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Brian Matthews #fundie christiannews.net

I'm fed up with you wicked, insane people. You can't be reasoned with, and you hate the truth.

You're arrogant, selfish, and self centered, thinking the whole world, and everyone in it has to change to suit your sick delusions. Instead of working on changing your wrong feelings to correspond with reality, you work feverishly to change reality to correspond with your wrong feelings.

Oh, but your feelings can't be wrong......but mine can. You can't change......but the rest of us must.

You are also self righteous. You're a bunch of virtue signalers. You do the easy thing by going along with the crowd. It takes no courage. It's popular. It's the path of least resistance. Yet, somehow, you're a hero.

No, what you really are is a doomed hypocrite, and I'm done interacting with you people. My blood pressure can't take it.

And, I'm on here as a witness to truth, and to speak out against evil. You haven't silenced me, not by a long shot. All you've done is silenced yourself as far as I'm concerned. I will still keep talking. I'm just done listening to you reprobates. I don't need to hear you constantly try to justify evil. That's certainly not why I'm here.


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WestWins #fundie christiannews.net

Right! This all started because they simply wanted Civil Unions. Then it was "Bake That Cake!"
That expression -- "The Camel's Nose"

Canis Vulpes:
"Bake the Cake" I understand. If you run a bakery, people will have the right to expect you will bake a cake for them.

Did you just crawl out from under a rock? The issue was not about the cake.

Canis Vulpes:
The customer was getting married and was homosexual, and homosexuality is legal in the state where the cake was ordered. You (and the baker) have no leg to stand on. A cake is a cake, he didn't order a special gay cake. The baker caters to the public, not his church's bake sale.

Unbelievable. Go to a different Baker!!!
Hey Communist China is accepting members. I'll buy you a plane ticket

Canis Vulpes:
When a shopkeeper slaps you across the face, you don't go to a different one. You expose his bigotry and force him to obey the law. We aren't governed by your church, much as I'm sure you wish we were.
Plus look at the Pandora's box you open when you do that. If Christian bigots get to suddenly say who they are too high and mighty to serve, it can turn around and bite you back pretty hard. I know a ton of people who grit their teeth at the thought of associating with white supremacists. But you serve the public as a whole and get on with it.

"......and force him to obey the law...…."
Yep. Thanks.. I hear you loud and clear!

Canis Vulpes:
The law isn't optional. Are you suggesting it is?

Which Law? Laws change all the time.

Canis Vulpes:
I see, and you want to give shopkeepers the right to deny their services to the general public if they are Christians and don’t like the things their customers do in private?

It's called FREEDOM. What this Nation was Founded on until the CockRoaches infiltrated and destroyed her.

Canis Vulpes:
It is the opposite of freedom if you are the homosexual customer. But you don’t care about their side, do you? I bet you’d be the first one to scream if it was Christians being told to shop elsewhere.

Why do you care ……………… your side is winning!!! Good grief. Get an inch, take a mile.
Ironic -- someday soon what you 'suggest' will happen. And you are the one whom will have no sympathy for the Christian and the Posterity. It's happening right before our very eyes.
Bolshevik Russia -- Coming to America!

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Ted R. Weiland #fundie #wingnut christiannews.net

One great example out of a litany of others demonstrating why juries were never a part God's judicial system:

"...Most Constitutionalists favor the jury system, provided jury nullification (a juror’s right to judge a law as unjust, oppressive, or inapplicable to any particular case) is in force. However, even if jury nullification were restored, juries would still render decisions based upon each jury’s collective standard of morality or immorality. “A jury drawn from the [Biblically] uninstructed population is no better equipped to administer the just requirements of God’s law than a corrupt judge.”35 A jury awarded $2.3 million to Stella Liebeck when she burned herself with McDonald’s coffee, and a jury found O.J. Simpson innocent on all charges. Although it might be argued that it only takes one juror to dissent and prevent a “railroad job,” most people lack the independence and resolution to resist the will of a majority. More often than not, today’s jurors reflect the type of people we are warned against in Exodus 23:

'Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment.' (Exodus 23:2)

"Juries produce, at best, erratic justice. Without Yahweh’s law as the standard, jury decisions are based upon the capricious morality of its members....

"The constitutional right of a trial by a jury of “impartial” peers is regarded by Americans – especially Christian Constitutionalists – as one of the last bulwarks against tyranny. If this is true, Yahweh (who is unquestionably a God of justice and liberty) would have included juries somewhere in His perfect law and righteous judgments. Surely, one of the reasons He did not provide for them is that juries (like elections) place government policy and juridical determinations in the hands of an unpredictable and unequally yoked public, the majority of whom are not Christian (Matthew 7:13)...."

For more, google online Chapter 6 "Article 3: Judicial Usurpation" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

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Brian Matthews #fundie christiannews.net

Tragically, there are also numerous cases that make the news of heterosexual "couples" who adopt children and then abuse them. Sexual orientation doesn't determine one's qualifications to be a parent. The notion that turning "a child loose in the forest" is better than a loving home is absurd.

Brian Matthews:
There's no such thing as sexual orientation. That is a nonsensical made up propaganda term. I think you mean improper sexual desire, lust.

There's all sorts of improper sexual desires, and improper desires, in general. Some people desire to sleep with their best friend's wife. The impulse is so strong, that many have given in and gone down that dark path of destruction.

Not all our thoughts, desires, impulses, and inclinations are right, and good.

You and the so called LGBT movement are trying to justify, and legitimize yours. It will never happen. The most you'll ever be able to do it to legalize them.

If I remember correctly, however, I think I gave you a way out. But you have to want out.

It's your only hope. Christ will return soon. He came as a lamb. He'll return as a LION. He came as a babe. He'll return as a mighty conquering warrior KING. He came as a sacrifice for our sins. He'll return as a JUDGE of those who stubbornly, pridefully, and FOOLISHLY refused His gracious pardon that He personally bought and paid for with His own blood.

It costs you nothing, but your sin. He will give you Heaven in exchange for your sin! Why would you pass that up?

You don't have to get your act together, and your life all cleaned up to come to Him. You just have to want a new life, and cleansing. It comes from Him. His precious Spirit will take up residence within you, and do these things for you, in you, and through you. You will be reborn, and adopted into God's family as a son.

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Roger Marks #fundie christiannews.net

Sexual orientation doesn't determine one's qualifications to be a parent.

All the research I have done clearly indicates that ones sexual orientation has a very clear indication about the qualification for being a parent.

The research shows that a child does best when raise by a male and a female, preferable their own parents.

A series of videos made interviewing children raised by homosexuals when they had reached the age of 21 and they not needing their parents present showed quite clearly that being raised by homosexuals was as they said "hell."

A progamme I saw on TV and backed up by other research showed that most homosexual couples have sex on the side with other men.

Research shows that per head of population there is more violence amongst homosexual couples than amongst heterosexual ones.

Research shows that the average length of homosexual relationships is two years.

In every case of homosexuals wanting to adopt children, the major factor was the homosexuals wanting to be made happy by the child.

All of these facts combined shows that homosexual parenting is not fair on the children and should be avoided.

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WestWins #fundie #racist christiannews.net

From Wikipedia:
“American Renaissance and the New Century Foundation appear on a list of 115 "white nationalist hate groups" published in the Intelligence Report of the Southern Poverty Law Center .”

You’re referring people to white nationalist propaganda hate sites, Westy. Did you KNOW you were doing that? Is Christian News on board with it, do you think?

White people desiring to see their heritage live on -- HATE.
In other words -- white advocacy = hate.

Got it.

naacp - acceptable
adl -- acceptable
la raza -- acceptable

White man and a white woman desiring white children = Call the feds!

Got it. I'll be sure to stay away from two or more white people.

Yeah, the things you listed generally are not the kinds of things that make the SPLC list people as hate groups. Less hyperbole and more honesty and try again.

How about this...……...
how about you actually go to amren and find something one of the contributors have said that I should be cautious about. Do the work.
What does Jared Taylor say that is dangerous?

How about “Whites deserve a homeland," just for starters?

Oooooooo……………….scary....very scary indeed.

Asia for the Asians...……...Africa for the Africans...………...White Nations are open to everyone!

Who came up with that brilliant idea.

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Brian Matthews #fundie christiannews.net

Commenting on story “Arizona Supreme Court Rules Christian Artists Cannot Be Forced to Make Same-Sex Wedding Invitations in 4-3 Decision”

It's important to note that the Court didn't invalidate Phoenix's anti-discrimination law, including the portion which includes LGBT people as a protected class. It's also worth noting that Brush and Nib lost in Superior court, as well as the appellate court. Obviously, their luck changed here. I wonder what other clients they deem unworthy of their services, and how they make that determination. I'm actually surprised this case was heard at any level since I don't believe Brush and Nib actually turned any prospective gay customers away. As I understand it, in order to have standing to sue, It you usually have to show you've been harmed, not that you might be harmed in the future.

Brian Matthews:
"I wonder what other clients they deem unworthy of their services..."
Why do you do that?

I would think it's obvious. Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski have invited the public to purchase certain services and claim providing those services to a hypothetical same-sex couple would violate their religious values. As a result, they want to be exempt from following a law everyone else must follow. I just wonder if there are other couples who don't meet their standards. Inter-racial couples? Couples in which one is divorced? Or is it just money from the LGBTQ community that's too dirty for them?

Brian Matthews:
"Or is it just money from the LGBTQ community that's too dirty for them?"
Again I ask, why do you do that?

My comments speak for themselves.

Brian Matthews:
I didn't ask you what you said. I asked you why you said it. What's your purpose?
Your posts are deceitful. Based on lies. Can you explain why?

What lies?

Brian Matthews:
These ladies refuse to use their artistic talent to promote wickedness.
That's the truth.
You PRETEND that it's about something else. You people say it's about hate, and bigotry, when the truth is that it's about right vs wrong, good vs evil, your side being the evil.
That's the lies. Now tell me what your purpose is for telling them HERE. That's all I asked you.

I live at a most fortunate time for the LGBTQ community. For a very long time, and as many other unfarily marginalized groups have done, we've had to either live in the shadows, or pay a very steep price for pretending to be someone we're not. The fact that those days are fading is the very opposite of evil. Of course, I know that you disagree with every syllable I've just written. In fact, I'm not at all sure you even consider LGBTQ people human. I also know I'm pretty much the last person from whom you'd ever take advice, but I'm going to give you some: if you actually want someone to carefully consider what you have to say, I'd avoid calling him or her an evil liar.

Brian Matthews:
I didn't call you anything, and of course I think you're human, and my heart is broken for you.
And yes, I do disagree with everything you said, as it is all based on lies.
And no, I'm not taking advice from you. You need to take mine.
You are lost in darkness. This whole world is in open rebellion against Almighty God, and will soon be judged. You are not gay; you've bought Satan's lies.
Not every desire, or feeling we have is good, or right. That's just plain common sense.
You are alienated from the Light, which is God, by your sin, and desire for falsehood. Christ died to remove your sins, so that you can be reconciled to God, who is Light, and Life. If you confess your sins, and receive Christ, it will transform you. That's what I want for you. That's my purpose for commenting on these boards. What's yours?

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Mr Kish #fundie #sexist christiannews.net

1 Timothy 2 is crystal clear

The context is in church

1 Timothy 2
. 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

Women cannot teach men in any kind of church setting. This is what the scriptures say. They cannot be leaders or pastors over men either this is also clear.

Elders must be male

Titus 1 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
1 Paul, a servant of God, and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God’s elect, and the acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness; 2 in hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began; 3 but hath in due times manifested his word through preaching, which is committed unto me according to the commandment of God our Saviour; 4 to Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.

5 For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee: 6 if any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.

Pastors/Bishops must be male.

1 Timothy 3 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
3 This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

There is no scriptural precedent that forbids women from also serving as worship leaders, youth ministers, or children’s directors. The only restriction is that they do not assume a role of spiritual authority over adult men. Since the concern in Scripture appears to be the issue of spiritual authority rather than function, any role that does not bestow such spiritual authority over adult men is permissible.

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michael louwe #fundie christiannews.net

Michael louwe: 2PETER.1:20-21 (NKJV) = ... 20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, 21 for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.
2TIMOTHY.3:16-17 = 16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Jack J (me): Interesting. So your argument is "the Bible's true because it is the Word of God, and we know it's the Word of God because it says so in the Bible, and the Bible is true". This, of course, can be simplified to "the Bible is true because it just says it is". The same goes for Jesus: "Jesus is the Messiah, which we know because it says so in the obviously-true Bible".

Well, have I got news for you. Muslims believe that Muhammad and the Qur'an were divinely inspired by Allah. The writers of the Hindu Vedas, Joseph Smith, Zoroaster, old tribal shamans, etc., they all thought (or at least claimed) that there were otherworldly forces at work when they said/wrote what they did. When you think about it, it’s really your word against theirs.

The fact is, absolutely anyone can just say they were “divinely inspired”. The 9/11 attackers thought so, as have practically every participant in every religious war in history. As for writing that you something is “God-breathed”, that just takes moving your hand and arranging ink on paper. Heck, JK Rowling could have very easily written a preface that her books were “God-breathed” and divinely inspired. How would anyone be able to prove her wrong? How would anybody be able to say that her claims are more or less credible than the Bible writers’ claims? How do we know that the early church leaders didn't just make up the NT epistles and Revelation in order to coerce people into their religion? This is the stuff you've gotta think about.

Please provide more objective evidence that everyone can agree on, since the whole “Bible’s true because the Bible’s true” shtick isn’t gonna cut it.

Michael louwe: ROMANS.1:18 - 2:11 and 13:1-7 say that God will pour out His wrath on all those on earth who break His laws/commandments, whether Jews or Greeks/Gentiles; like how the government/police handles criminals/law-breakers. "Ignorance of the Law is no excuse."
JOHN.3:14-18 further says that God will condemn all unbelievers to hell when they die because of their inherited Adam's Original Sin of inborn sinfulness/evilness or satan'ness - ROMANS.5:12.

It's up to you to believe whether the above Bible Scriptures are true or not or false/lies; or whether such things will truly happen or not.

Christian faith about being saved from hell is believing in something unseen - HEBREWS.11:1-6. This something unseen(= hell or heaven or reincarnation or nothingness or become ghosts or etc) cannot be proven by anyone until after he/she dies. Best to have this matter settled in our minds before we die.

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WestWins #fundie #racist christiannews.net

White advocacy is "Hate Speech"? Wow...…..and they say there is no communist conspiracy.
I hope you guys overplay your hand. But then again...…..it may just work. Good job swampy, your comrades are proud.

Call me crazy, but in my experience "white advocacy" means you have problems with racism, let's put it that way. Do you support interracial romantic relationships? Why or why not?

Bee Man 2:
Why do you need to advocate for whites?

Why do you not see the need?

Bee Man 2:
Because whites are not oppressed.

Really. Tell that to White and Asian students trying to get into Harvard.

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Michael Louwe #fundie #racist christiannews.net

michael louwe:
Remember, since the 1960s, the power-crazy White liberals of the Blue States have been pandering for the votes of the Blacks and Hispanics, in order to defeat the White conservatives of the Red States in US Federal elections.
Hence, the self-hating, anti-White and pro-Colored views of the White liberals, eg Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, etc and yourself(.?). It's all politically-driven.

Listen to yourself. You are so tied up in knots with ridiculous conspiracy theories you are defending white supremacists.

michael louwe:
If White conservatives who fight for the interests of Whites are White supremacists, then you are a liberal White masocist who is often submissive to the Black and Hispanic supremacists in the Blue States, eg Joe Biden kow-towing to Barack Obama and Eric Holder from 2008 to 2016.

In effect, the power-crazy White liberals/masocists of the Blue States are ignorantly committing racial suicide by pandering for the votes of the Black and Hispanic supremacists, in order to defeat the White conservatives of the Red States in US Federal elections since the 1960s.
That is why the White liberals/masocists like to denigrate White conservatives who fight for White interests as White supremacists, while they hypocritically praise and champion Blacks and Hispanics/Browns who fight for Black and Hispanic/Brown interests, eg the mostly Democrat Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus in the US Congress.

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Brian Matthews #fundie #homophobia christiannews.net

What's your definition of love? Does it include TRUTH? Righteousness? Purity? Humility? Wholesomeness? Morality? Order?

Too many people are throwing the word LOVE around, these days, without even knowing what love is.

Allow me to tell you what love isn't. Love isn't being nice. It isn't warm fuzzy FEELINGS. It isn't telling people what they want to hear instead of what they NEED to hear. It isn't giving them what they want instead of what they NEED. It isn't following them when you are responsible for LEADING them. It isn't being more concerned with them liking, and accepting you than you are with doing what's best for them even if they hate you for it.

There's no courage involved with going along with the crowd. It's the path of least resistance. Anyone can do it.

No one is homosexual. That's a lie.

Every time you tell someone that they are gay, you are helping to destroy them. You may mean well, but it's been said the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

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Roger Marks #fundie #homophobia christiannews.net

Just shows how desperate and mixed up this character is. He has chosen to sell his soul to the devil in an attempt to become famous and in so doing, denying everything that mankind is meant to be.

Long live the King and may he reign as Lord of all over all his kingdom until satan and all his followers fall at his feet in submissison to his life giving will.

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Editor #fundie christiannews.net

The California legislature continues to take more steps to counter Christianity, and religion in general, with is[sic] recent passage of ACR 99. The resolution — which is a direct affront on the Biblical teachings pertaining to sexuality and the need for men to repent, believe the gospel and follow Christ — blames “religious groups” for the “disproportionately high rates” of suicide among homosexuals and so-called transgenders.

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Susan Jane Elohim #fundie christiannews.net

On a story about a Pastafarian giving the Invocation before a meeting.

Nobody can prove God doesn’t exist so how can you prove an invocation is a waste of time.

You can prove Pastafarianism is a counterfeit religion and therefore a waste of government and people’s time but you can’t prove that a Christian’s invocation is a waste of time.

If you can’t prove God doesn’t exist why would you risk forfeiting His blessing.

The Pastor of Pastafarianism has no right to cause everyone else to forfeit their potential blessing to suit one individual who doesn’t even know that what he’s doing is wrong.

There are people in this world who experience epiphanies, revelations, miracles, strange coincidences, near death experiences, etc. If for them that is proof then why should someone else reject someone else’s proof?

One person does not control another person’s acceptance of evidence. People like to subject the spiritual to science but some things are just not subject to science and are unexplainable.

Too bad Mr. Pastafarian likes living too literally. He most likely lacks imagination and/or really doesn’t like other people or he could have figured this all out for himself.

Why should people pander to someone deliberately insulting them and forfeit their own right to a blessing?

Christians are usually in the majority. We respect minority rights but nothing says we have to give our own rights away especially if they affect our well being and future benefits.

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michael louwen #fundie #dunning-kruger christiannews.net

You are actually agreeing with me that the 1964 Civil Rights Act does not apply to or protect the gays/LGBTQs from discrimination in public accommodations.

The 1776 US Constitution enacted the "separation of Church and State" policy, not the separation of Mosque/Temple and State.

The 1776 US Constitution also prohibited the powerful US government from restricting her citizens' rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to protest peacefully to seek redress and freedom to bear arms. In theory, this protection applied to Christian and non-Christian citizens. But in 1776, nearly all US citizens were Whites and/or Christians = about 99%, ie no Moslems or Hindoos.

In the early 1800s, Blacks were brought into USA as slaves, mostly to work in the cotton fields in the South. In 1861, the mostly Christian White citizens killed each other over slavery and politics and were henceforth split into Northern White liberals and Southern White conservatives = became perennial enemies. And 1 century later, US citizens would include sizable numbers of Moslems and Hindoos who were mostly immigrated into USA by the vote-pandering White liberals of the Blue States in the North and West.

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Okie Doke #fundie #psycho christiannews.net

After the rapture, what can prevent North Korea from nuking Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramenro, and Silicon Valley? Five nukes will catastrophically destroy the most wealthy and influential forces in California; furthermore,their destruction will produce catastrophic effects upon the federal government's economic position, maybe the economic position of every state, maybe the economic status of all corporations, and everyones personal economic status. Chaos, hunger, and desperate fear will erupt like catastropic volcanic eruptions among the most wealthy , influential, and densely packed urban zones throughout The USA.
Today, Americans lack the character to face the challanges of real hunger, desperate fear fears, etc. The Americans will turn upon each each other in individual, small and large groups. Martial law will be strong and deadly. Local police will have their homes bombed. On and on the ripples will spread.
Pride preceeds a fall. The greater the house, the greater the fall

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Okie Doke #fundie christiannews.net

It's reasonable to think the nations with the most Christians will be most adversely affected by the rapture, e.g. nations like North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan will be least affected by the rapture.
It is also reasonable to think God's "hedge of protection" will be removed from the US after the rapture.
In the post rapture world, North Korea will have nothing to lose by nuking greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay region including Silicon Valley and Sacramento.
The rapture will occur in a moment when the people do not anticipate. California's future and all of America's urban zones is very bleak. Urban Americans do not have natural access to potable water or food producing land.

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Annemarie Diffenderffer #fundie christiannews.net

Listen to any interview from someone who identifies as LGBT. They always seem to come from abuse, violent relationships, empty hookups, and no relationship with Christ...THAT is the reason they’re committing suicide. The Christian persecution is just beginning and expect it to get waaay worse. If Jesus was persecuted, then so will His followers, as no servant is better than their master. Believe we are at the beginning of the end times. The Pope just called for an unholy union between all religions to re-educate the children. Prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes.

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Conservative Protestant #fundie #homophobia christiannews.net

You said it yourself, "Try to set a good example,"
That is the reason we do NOT attend gay wedding or join atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus in their worship. We are NOT to condone their sins, we are to set a good example.

You are naive on too many things. If you attend a gay marriage, that means you are condoning it. How come you can't understand it. Either you are for God or against, there is no middle ground. If you are attending a gay wedding, that means you are not against it, that means condoning it. You have a lot to learn on way more than just the Bible.

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Chet #fundie christiannews.net

There are no "ghastly biblical teachings". God's Word is 100% pure from cover to cover and it serves as a love letter to lost mankind, and, as well, reveals the Almighty's solitary redemptive plan on behalf of all us sinners via the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary. I subscribe to the Holy Bible, as written in the language I use, English, and preferably, the King James version. Poison, is but one of the tactics of the Devil to blind men's mind to the Truth that can set them free, free from Sin's dominion, free from Sin's penalty and free to lie down at night with the understanding that if, I, as a Christian, do not live to see the light of the next day, I'm assured of Heaven as if I were already there. And that's all predicated upon Christ and His finished work on Calvary's Cross in concert with His empty tomb and my faith in such. Faith, BTW, which the Holy Spirit imparted to me to understand, repent and believe the good news gospel. God is love and His Word is effective to all who will but dare to receive it. Hate is not something I subscribe to, esp since becoming a Christian.

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WestWins #fundie #racist christiannews.net

This Doctor is a hero.
In the last days they will call evil good and good evil. Satan is the father of lies and author of confusion.

Ken Weaver:
150 years ago people were using the bible for justification of slavery... but these are the last days because a guy doesn't want to use the pronouns his patients want him to use?

First -- Slave Owners occupied less than 1% of the population.
Second -- How come no one talks about "Slavery" committed by other Races? Not to mention...…...Blacks owned slaves as well. How come they get none of the blame.
How did the Slave Merchants get the slaves in the first place???
You are brainwashed mate.
Educate -- www.amren.com/news/2019/10/time-to-set-the-record-straight-on-slavery/

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie christiannews.net

sodomy is the second worst sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance and is only allowed by God when a civilization becomes so abhorrent that He marks it for death.

it directly causes the collapse of any group and spreads disease that cannot be cured.

the second worst satanic ritual of all is pretending to "marry" two men or two women to mock the second-most important Sacrament of Marriage. this is so evil that it directly caused the deluge.

you will know this eternally.

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Roger Marks #fundie christiannews.net

We should not be surprised at this as we know that everyone has a God gene and if a person refuses to acknowledge the God who gave it to them it is obvious that they are going to seek out other gods to satisfy the hunger for a god.

People say I am not religious and I don't believe in God but they are lying to themselves. For example a very prevalent and captivating god is sport. Millions follow it passionately.

And of course one of the worst god's is written about in scripture and that is the LOVE of money which is the root of ALL evil.

All Gods originate from two people. One is the true and living God and the other is Satan who is the false God. They can call their God whatever they want to but if it is not the true and living God it is satan.

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Roger Marks #fundie christiannews.net

Roger Marks:
Delusison is the right word as hundreds, who knows even thousands of people that pronounced themselves the opposite sex to the one they were born have seen the light and convereted back to the gender they were born as.
Add to that the fact about 40% of them commit suicide, it should by and large die out as the preferred delusion.

Ken Weaver:
I read how women who undergo breast augmentation are 3 times more likely to commit suicide. Should we outlaw that surgery because of it?

Roger Marks:
I don't comment unless I have done considerable research on the topic and as I have done none on that, no comment.