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[Blackpill] Intelligence Is Just A Substitute For Capability

I've said this before and i'll say it again, intelligence is nothing but a substitute for actual ability, so even from an evolutionary perspective one being high in intelligence is more of an indicator to females that said individual lacks the physical capability to take or attain what they want by force, which is likely why women aren't really attracted to intelligence and are actually somewhat turned off by it, a man with power doesn't need intelligence.

To make a simple example that you could all understand, lets say you're 5ft 7in and working in the storage room at a supermarket, there's something on a shelf out of your arms reach (even if you "tip toe"). There are females present watching and doing basically nothing (as always JFL). You do the smart thing and you go and get a ladder to give yourself a "height boost", before you can prop it up a 6ft 3in guy who also works in stock just walks up to the item and grabs it.

Your actions showed your adaptability and quick thinking but guess who looks better, exactly, the guy with the ABILITY to attain/take what he wants regardless of intelligence because that speaks to his genetic quality in its truest sense (physical capability).

Its pretty obvious when you think about it.

I think people (especially race obsessed whites) take too much pride in intelligence, intelligence is really just a substitute for "actual power".

Even in the Bible God didn't create the universe using intelligence and designing each facet bit by bit, he just said "let there be light" lol, he's just so powerful he can will his mental constructs into existence, there's no reason to assume God is intelligent, everything in the bible just alludes to him being powerful, intelligence is just a substitute for power. Humans crafted weapons for hunting because we lack claws, fangs and physical strength to kill efficiently, we created planes because we lacked the ability of flight.

Lets say we woke up tomorrow and all humans on earth had strong telekinetic psychic abilities, strong enough that we could effortlessly propel ourselves safely through the air at the speed of a jet engine, lift extremely heavy loads, etc, all with our minds. Do you realize how pointless planes would be at that point, would we even bother using machinery for construction, I doubt it, guns for wars..... complete waste of time, every person can deflect bullets. I hope you get the point I'm making.

Intelligence is just a substitute for actual power, we create things using intelligence ONLY BECAUSE we lack the abilities that would make such creations unnecessary.

Lets use an example more relevant to our pathetic lives, sex. Everytime I mention my penis size online (5 inches) people always say - "just get good at oral", so I have to now learn techniques for something (intelligence) because I lack the ability (capability) to be good at sex without them, if I had 10 inches there'd be no need to be good at anything other than hip thrusts.

Intelligence (knowledge) is just a substitute for ability

Like @chudur-budur said in a post that led to me creating this thread (I remembered I made a few posts stating this, and thought might as well make a thread)@chudur-budur

A high IQ ethnicity can be wiped out of some disease where a low IQ ethnicity might survive from the same disease, so in that sense, that low IQ ethnic group is genetically more superior to that high IQ people.
Being genetically superior in intelligence is useful, but it isn't the be all end all factor by which you can judge genetic superiority, no point being smart if a disease that specifically kills individuals with recessive genes pops into existence, your intelligence won't really do shit for you then. Of course you can work on a cure using said intelligence, but whose to say you will even have the time, it might be spreading too fast, it might be air born, your race might have to stay quarantined and will ironically have to leave it up to the "low IQ" races to help you solve the problem.



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