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[On same sex parents]

Steed: Here's some evidence for you. Now you show some evidence that supports anything you've been saying. You get extra points for stuff that isn't peer reviewed and a gold star for the Family Research Council.

[provides list of links with evidence supporting claims]

richardbrake: Do you want me to link to all the Christian funded research which shows the opposite. I can if you like. But neither that nor the present sociology will prove anything. Why? because it is too early to assess the psychological harm to the children involved. It is too early even to determine the relevant parameters.

None of your "evidence" is evidence of anything other than that the left will lie for its own purposes. It has always done this. It always will.

Steed: "Do you want me to link to all the Christian funded research which shows the opposite"

Please do. If it's peer reviewed and published in a reputable journal I'm happy to critique any evidence you care to supply.

However anything less than peer reviewed & published is more opinion than evidence. Is that bar too high for you?

richardbrake: Peer review means nothing. I explained lower down the thread that for almost thirty years the left denied the existence of the human races. It is still the official code in some fields of biology, notwithstanding the genetic evidence we now have and the existence of race-specific medicines developed through population genetics.

The left lies. It has always lied. It is lying now. Your "evidence" is the lies of sociologists.



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