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RE: The living hell of working with Stacy, twofold in a small office

Sounds like such a sadly stereotypical story. Thanks to males all being the same the world is very same-y and boring, same shit everywhere you go. Same males acting either hostile or like groveling dogs based on how their dick feels about you. Not to mention rude creeps getting away with murder and still being better accepted than the woman who dares not be born a Barbie doll.

If you can find a way to screw these people over somehow, I'd suggest you do so. Honestly.

And find a way to be self-employed. Writing would be perfect for you or you could focus on what you went to grad school for and really look through all the avenues there are to make money off of it. If you can channel some of your frustration and anger in life into your passion for your field and find a niche role for yourself, I'm sure you can make something work - without a family who needs your attention and distracts you, you have a lot of time for it and that can really end up working for you.

"If you can find a way to screw these people over somehow, I'd suggest you do so. Honestly." Are you in an office with sadists? eta: I'm genuinely curious. It sounds like you are, and God knows - that's what a lot of FAW/femcels experience.

I'll admit - I definitely think "screw those people over" often. I am afraid of her. Thank God we're not doing the same job because if she decided she didn't like me or wanted to subvert my work, she could. She's got that power.

I'd just like people to be nice to me.

I've wasted a lot of time in continuing ed and I have no more passion, no more dreams. I never did. I took it for granted I'd be a normal office drone someday and it would make up for this same sort of isolation and being ignored while watching people enjoy each other in college.

Same social scenario but so, so much more poisonous.

I didn't mean screw Stacy over - if you do that you're as good as dead. I mean, she might literally kill you and people will look the other way rather than do anything to her so whatever you do, don't cross her. I meant screw over the males. Before they screw you over.

With males, they either want to screw you or screw you over. You're currently getting screwed over by having to do work you don't enjoy for shit wages so some male can pay Stacy twice what she deserves. So screw the screwers if you can because you really should.

People being nice to you would be great but that's not what's giving Stacy a nice life. It's money and looks that do that. If you could find a way to get money you could find a way to get looks and a male if you still want one. I don't know if it's doable but that's what you ought to focus on, making friends and playing nice is not an option for femcels, only Stacies get away with being timid and passive.



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