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[It's Over] Cuckoldry is getting more common in my country at a frightening rate

I remember that about 5-6 years ago or so, if a woman in a relationship were to hang out with a male friend often, she'd be shamed, such actions most certainly were not welcomed. 5 years of western social media influence later, and now "letting your girlfriend sleep with her best friend" is completely normal, sexual degeneracy is the epitome of civilization, and if you disagree, you are a narrowminded islamist bigot
I reckon in another 5 years, married women will start whoring around freely, claiming that they are expressing themselves, even now I see some cucks saying that their girlfriends sleeping around is fine as long as there's no emotional connection. Future is dark for us, all of us

values are fading away everywhere, even here in north africa and other muslim lands, the fact that degeneracy is getting worst in countries like ours is the ultimate prove of the decline of civilization and values.

It's only going to get worse

Where do you live? Even in America, actual cucking is looked down upon by most people.

Turkey, and actual cucking is looked down upon here aswell, but we are slowly getting there

Things will change and we'll go back to slut shaming whores again after more men get blackpilled.

I wholeheartedly hope so

If she’s got a “guy friend” and already has a boyfriend it was already over tbh.

Majority of the girls of my generation are like that

I just realized that the two guys with the most posts on this forum are both from turkey. Does this make u feel proud?

Not proud, it makes me feel hopeless, jfl at us, we are the incel central of the world

Letting your girlfriend sleep with her beat friend would be considered insane in the UK and I’m pretty sure our state is worse than Turkey, are you sure you’re not just taking cherrypicked articles to be the norm?

I didn't mean sleeping as in sexual intercourse, but sleeping on the same bed with a male friend, they claim that sleeping with one another doesn't have to be sexual



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