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RE: NYC School’s Faculty Says Principal Is Racist Against White Staff

The shape of things to come. I the engineering world, we have a saying that with every project, we are working ourselves out of a job.
The same goes for white wokesters who appoint negro officials. They are also working themselves out of job by appointing negroes who will take away their jobs.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)

… and told an employee that she ‘was going to get rid of all these white teachers that aren’t doing anything for the kids of our community.’

I heartily agree. It’ll be a lesson needed for these White teachers to stop wasting time amongst these ingrate, low IQ miscreants, both at the student level, teacher level, and administrator level. Let the Blacks and Browns take over the entire system and run it into the ground, all the while watching the further degradation of this largely hopeless student body.

They go to someone elses home country, complaining it is 'racist' towards them, when they are given power (big or small) the tactics they use are FAR more diabolical than any 'racism' a white person ever think to do

There's never any "allegedly" in these cases. Blacks say all white people are racists and that is simple projection. Anyone with a brain knows this.



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