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Denver Post Rams Homosexuality Down Readers’ Throats

Don’t like having to explain to your six-year-old why two men are kissing across the front page of the newspaper? That’s just too bad, according to the Denver Post, which recently ran a picture of Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino smooching sex partner Greg Wertsch to celebrate the passage of yet another bill promoting homosexuality[...]

Sexual deviancy is the “truth,” according to the depraved ideology of our ruling class.

Unsurprisingly, the accompanying story aggressively promoted the homosexual agenda[...]

Only a year ago, not even Barack Hussein or Shrillary Rotten supported the disgusting and blasphemous travesty of homosexual “marriage.” Now it seems likely to soon become the law of the land. Propaganda blitzes work.

Liberals can be counted on to continue using their control of the media to push the envelope as far as they can, even after America has been fundamentally transformed into a degenerate culture that would make any decent person sick.

[A photo of the Denver Post picture is shown with the kissing being censored by a red block.]

Unlike the Denver Post, this is a family-friendly news source.



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