Miles Mathis #conspiracy

Brian Laundrie, or BrainWash, was allegedly found eaten by alligators or something in a swamp. Only part of his skull was found and they supposedly identified him by dental records. If you believe that, good luck to you in future. You need to wear a t-shirt that says I'm a Chump. Both those families are obvious CIA actors, as I proved in my paper on them.

Same for Kyle Rittenhouse and his accomplices. They decided to draw that one out as well, manufacturing a fake trial and having everyone lie on the stand, committing mass perjury. Except that perjury is limited to real trials. In fake trials it doesn't apply. It is just part of the fiction. See my previous comments on Rittenhouse in my paper on the Presidential election, p. 23. We have more indication of that from the video of George Floyd's relative or friend inciting jury intimidation. Why has he not been arrested? Also remember what I have told you a hundred times: if it is televised, it is fake. Only CIA trials are televised.



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