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[Discussion] Why do women Dress Up to seem more intelligent? ♂ If you read this and you havent replied - ♂YOU ARE GAY♂

When a cum container tries to seem more "mature" and professional, she goes to great lengths to INCREASE her SMV by wearing jew-rocks on their neck, heeled stompers on her feet, fuck-my-skin-up on her face etc... Wouldn't it make sense to DECREASE the sex-appeal to seem more professional? Imagine a guy had an important appointment. Instead of just getting a haircut and a good suit, he fucking starts taking roids, works out, puts a sock in his pants, padding in his sleeves to simulate muscles...

15% Of Women Have Slept With Their Bosses -- And 37% Of Them Got Promoted For It. We then asked respondents if (at any point in their career) they knew of a colleague who had slept with the boss. A whopping 58 percent said “yes.” Also 40 percent of employees admitted they’d been attracted to their manager or other superior at some point over the course of their career – but hadn’t acted on it. Around 50 percent said their boss invited them to hang out outside of work. Survey: 10% of workers say they slept with a boss for more vacation/sick days

Like I said earlier in another thread - there is no successful woman that doesnt know the sting of carpet on her kneecaps. Any woman that has status or a high paying job is a cum vacuum, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. Anything above a low-paying or part-time job = CUM SLUT ALL women are is their SMV, Its the full extend of their power. This is another thing people often confuse - WOMEN ARE MORE SEXUAL THAN MEN - yes, their SEX DRIVE is lower but their entire life is based on SMV. Everything is viewed through the lense of looks and SMV by them. They are masters at the relationship game and the ultimate goal of all female-male relationships is SEX. They are the embodiment of living-breathing SEX. Its ALL they are Folks.



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