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Mole people

I hate to admit it, but I’m addicted to YouTube. I’ve been watching videos about the elites and their plans to usher in the New World Order, a.k.a. the Antichrist system. I’m convinced from God’s own Word that these ARE the end times. Society has never been so messed up and deprived of morals as it is now. Children growing up in this generation don’t stand a chance of making it to Heaven unless they are raised by Godly parents who fear Him. Everything is so backward and abominable anymore and sin is pushed so much that we’ve become hardened to it. We don’t flinch, or cringe, or blush. This is total depravity at its worst, and I’m talking now, BEFORE the saints are raptured out. You think it can’t get any worse? WAIT AND SEE

One thing about these underground cities they’re building. They stretch for miles and miles, dug out of the earth in the middle of nowhere. These people are smart, and they’ve made preparations for the mass chaos that is about to ensue after Jesus calls out the church. They can live underground in these bunkers and facilities for years, staying out of sight of the unfortunates who are on the outside being killed by the plagues of Revelation. They will be that much closer to Hell in those underground places. Yes, the population WILL be massively decreased– but it won’t be by THEIR hand, it will be by the hand of a just, holy, wrathful, vengeful, and all-powerful God.

Goodbye to their plans for world domination. Goodbye to their much sought after state of godhood. Goodbye to their evil, sick, twisted, demented ravings. They will beg and plead and cry for mercy, but there will be no mercy. They will perish out of the earth, and none can deliver them out of God’s almighty hand.



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