SaintElliot #fundie

Hammer therapy and female organ transplant clones

It is known that incels are angry/unstable/depressed/stressed because of inceldom. I came up with a solution to that. Incels should first sleep then bash the heads of brain-dead female clones in for therapeutic purposes. This should be called hammer therapy. This way we would get to release our hate against females without harming other people. The clones would be made braindead so no harm would come to another person and we would get our revenge from the female gender because they doomed us to the incel fate. After the incels bashed the heads of the female clones in with hammers their organs will be used for people who wait for organ transplants. We will be the executioners for organ transplant clones. These braindead female clones would help society and incels way more than actual females. Nothing would get wasted and all problems would get solved.



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