Erica Christopher #fundie

Let me give you an example of listening and then counter attacking. This will empower those who are being tormented by demonic voices. I go into a lot of oppressed areas where demonic entities routinely try to linger around me. On this particular occasion, I heard one demon talking and he was really nasty. His words were just riddled with foul speech and curse words. Every time I rebuked him, he would leave briefly and then come right back. So finally I told the Father I was so tired of listening to this demon, and I thanked Him for giving me dominion and power over him. Then I declared and decreed that for every time I had to listen to this foul, nasty-speaking demon there will be 1,000 souls claimed for the kingdom of God in the name of Jesus Christ, according to Job 22:28, which says, "You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you." The demon immediately let out a string of curse words, and I said, "Ok, that's a 1,000 souls I claim for God's kingdom in the name of Jesus." Then I heard the demon start to say something else and stopped short of completing his word. Ah, what a blessing it is to utilize the power I hold in Jesus Christ. If 1 had chosen to ignore the cursing, he would have never been silenced. In fact, he probably would have just stepped up his game if I hadn't stood against him or stopped the attack. Because I did not discount it, but rather chose to walk in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ over him, however, 1,000 souls were claimed for the Kingdom of God.



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