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[Based] Be very Afraid of users with a very high number of posts because......

They are not who they seem to be.

Imagine if you were an FBIcel, LAPDcel or a CIAcel who was paid to be monitoring for any terrorist threats - you would obviously have to post a ridiculous amount of posts on inorder to

* Impress your FBI bosses and show them you are working hard at your job
* Trick the legit incels on .co into thinking that you are not a LARPer and are actually stricken by that black plague called inceldom

Think about this logically - given how brutal the blackpilled truth is how can someone spend hours on .co continuously replying to every thread and posting like 10 new threads everyday consistently for months unless they were paid by the federal government to run surveillance on coping incels online???? True incels dont spend that much time on .co posting that many times because they have other copes like

* cooming to porn,
* online gaming,
* call of duty : modern warfare matches,
* watching movies,
* listening to music,
* gymmaxxxing,
* wagecucking
* Mining Bitcoins
* Forex trading
* e.t.c

On that stable basis - be very suspicious of those accounts who seem to always be on .co replying to everyone and everything because they are FBI LARPers and CuckTears LARPers, i'm also sure that some MOD accounts here are run by Law Enforcement jfl



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