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Hitler was mentally tough and definitely had quite the burden to bear. Hitler's day to day life during the final year of the war would drive any man to the point of suicide. How he managed to stay sane is quite the feat of mental strength. It's no wonder his health rapidly declined the way it did. Hitler, like many other German soldiers, fought to the end even when they knew death was going to be the end result. They knew what they were protecting and who they were protecting it against. Quite amazing, to see one of the few instances in the entire history of man where a good portion of the white race tried to team up and take down Jewry.

Hitler's entire life work was going to be destroyed, he definitely knew that. Hitler knew that with this victory the Jews would officially take over the world and Germany. It's definitely comparable to our own situation. We are all watching Western Civilization be completely destroyed along with the race that created it. Hitler may not have had a deliver of 'wunderwaffe' to save the Reich, but we do have an eventual Savior. The coming victory is going to be truly great.


Hitler definitely believed he was called by God.

I call Hitler 'Adolf the Greatest.' Though they lived in quite different times, I say Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, or any other 'Great' pales in comparison to what Hitler achieved. He was such a's hard to look at him and not see God's ordainment or will worked through Hitler. He was one of the greatest men, what he managed to achieve, he is the ultimate representation of a man trying to reach his potential and become the best version of himself he can possibly be. Hitler may have been gifted with quite the mental capacity, but that intellect was honed through work, practice, and diligent study. It's so astonishing to see so much virtue, intellect, determination, fearfulness, strength, willpower, etc, all combined in one man. It sounds like hero worship but it's true.

"Great men are like meteors, which shine and consume themselves to enlighten the earth. " - Bonaparte (quoted to him)



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