Lady Checkmate #fundie

The alt-left is pushing a vile act titled, "The Equality Act". The name sounds ok, but when you look into the actual act, you find that the act is anything but least not for biological women, girls and Christians. The alt-left intentionally gave an act that removes equal rights from women, girls, and Christians a nice name to manipulate and deceive voters into believing that the act was actually seeking equality for all...which it is not. The "Equality" Act would legalize Christophobia and persecution of Christians. It would also remove rights guaranteed to biological women and girls. Make no mistake, The Equality Act is anything but equal and it was created to marginalize women, girls and Christians. The alt-left has been seeking to take away religious rights and slowly removing rights from biological women and girls for years. Lets voice our concerns to our elected officials and actually seek equality for all, biological women, girls and Christians included. Remember Kim Davis? The alt-left fought to have her jailed for following her Christian beliefs. Remember the Christian bakers, flowers shop owners, bed and breakfast owners, photographers, calligraphers, etc., the list goes on. If the Equality Act is made law, expect the harassment, persecution and abuse they suffered to be the norm for all bible-believing Christians. And, expect worse. These are the end times. Persecution will come, but we don't have to help usher it in. The alt-left hates Christians with a murderous hatred and are doing all they can to criminalize Christianity. Think Boko Haram, and worse, right here in the USA.



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