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Females with sensitive menstruation should share their monthly calendar with colleagues

I know I will be toasted for this idea but I have to share it.
I know some females have more sensitive menstruation and their personality and anger threshold is prone to their hormones. That's absolutely fine. that's part of females nature and as a male human being I am all respectful for that. But at the same time we could be victims of fights we have no idea about.
Females could share their monthly calendar with other colleagues in one way or another and they could just avoid any arguments in certain times. If they are not comfortable saying in words, there could be some sort of wearable LED to sync its color with specific times. or they could have some sort of dress code, like red necklaces or bracelets or something.
I'm sorry that I'm sharing this idea and know females won't like it but it could be really helpful for everyone.



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