Brendan O’Neill #transphobia

The gender jihadists are out of control
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We need to talk about the hatred for ‘TERFs’. It is out of control. It is the most vehement form of bigotry in the UK right now.
Lower down the scale of mental anti-TERFism, we also had an SNP councillor in Dundee speaking about gender-critical feminism in the same breath as Nazism. At a pro-trans rally, she said we need to stand against ‘hate’ (tell that to your comrades!) because ‘I’ve seen first-hand when I travelled… to visit a place called Auschwitz’. Marshalling the atrocities of the Holocaust to demonise women who just don’t want men in their refuges, sports and changing rooms? Every day there’s a new low in this lobby.
Sexist hate is a daily reality for women who question the idea that you can change sex.
Last year, Sturgeon issued a formal apology for the witch trials that rocked Scotland between the 16th and 18th centuries. When is she going to apologise for the very modern witch-hunts that she herself has witlessly helped to facilitate?

Or just behold the low-level intimidation that attends virtually every gathering of ‘TERFs’. There will always be gangs of men outside gender-critical meetings; men horrified by the idea of women speaking among themselves about their rights; men who ridiculously believe that their feeling of ‘womanhood’ and badly applied lippy makes them women, too. Better women, in fact. As India Willoughby tweeted at the weekend, ‘I’m more of a woman than JK Rowling will ever be’. That’s misogyny, too. The idea that a man – yes, India’s a bloke – even does womanhood better than women is testament to the low view of womankind that’s been whipped up by the trans cult.




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