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The digression to the ark really tempts me to take apart, piece by piece, some of “science’s” sophistries, but it’s probably better to open a separate thread, something like: “Why is there no evidence for a) the Big Bang b) the geological periods c) molecule-to-man evolution?” – because it’s all nonsense.

As for the ark, I have spent quite a few hours there. It has a bow, a stern, and is 300 cubits or 157 metres long, i.e. the measurements given to Noah by God. As the terminology seemed to have been somewhat blurred in this thread: by the non-descript title “God” I am referring to YHVH – not to Jedi, King Kong or similar. A qualified expert would probably not recognize it as a ship, though it looks like a ship and sits – funny enough – on the Ararat Mountains, as stated in the Bible.

The fossil record shows anyway that there was a world-wide flood, but the ark is additional proof for this.

In 1987, Ataturk University confirmed the boat-shaped object to be Noah’s Ark, and the discovery was subsequently announced by the Turkish government. The “scientifically-minded” may not be interested, but here are some photos I took during my visit (plus attached a resistivity scan FYI):


Scientists who are motivated or driven by what they want or hope to be true are very hesitant to accept any evidence that would appear to be contrary to their cherished beliefs. Instead, an endless mixture of false assertions, false premises, and false conclusions plus ridicule, all clad in fancy scientific language – that is the over and over repeated defence strategy.

It is not my concern as such, but it is regrettable and a clear symptom of degenerate humanity, but fortunately, it will terminate soon.

PS: James, – teaching children “the best scientific model” as fact is not education, it is re-education.



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