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Dr. Katherine Horton is founder and lead investigator of the Joint Investigation Team US-Europe for Directed Energy Weapons, Military Neuro/Biotechnology and Systemic Corruption. Originally a High Energy Physicist who worked at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva and at the German Electronsynchrotron DESY in Hamburg, Dr. Horton left particle physics to undertake research in Medical Physics and the Physics of Complex Human Systems where she studied economies, finance, currency systems and white collar crime. Becoming a victim of Western Intelligence she was assaulted with Directed Energy Weapons and discovered that she was implanted along with thousands of victims. She founded the Joint Investigation Team to investigate these crimes, help such victims and stop a global genocide.

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It wasn’t my intention to trigger these otherworldly discussions, but it is inevitably the outcome of removing God from the equation when talking about the Exodus. I think we have soon covered all major religions and spiritual revelations though I am still waiting for the flying monks of Tibet. I fully agree that all of these are false beliefs, but Scripture is on an entirely different level. 

Listing Scripture among these examples in order to discredit its validity and producing the non-existing contradiction between biblical faith and true science, is therefore not a good technique, and any intelligent person, whether atheist or otherwise, will immediately see this (there are much more effective ways to discredit the biblical record). Also, I won’t debase myself by listing famous scientists who were drunkards; as said, I will leave these methods of argumentation to the more experienced ones. 

A commoner like me will scarcely put trust in people who see ignoring causality as the only rational approach. The rational basis for my assertions is creation by God, the irrational basis for your assertions is the expansion of a little black dot (or maybe it was green – correct me if I’m wrong, Eugene). The big bang is a non-demonstrable belief whereas divine creation is a demonstrable fact. 

As said, I like science, and there has been mind-boggling progress alone over the last decade let alone since the 17th century. However, regarding the origins, structure, and age of the universe and of the earth, there has been regress, and the established so-called scientific paradigm is – I am sorry to say – wrong (no matter how scientifically sound the components of these fallacies might be). 

As for theology, I am probably not up to scratch with the general consensus of modern Biblical scholarship, but if it implies the non-existence of God, then I beg to differ.

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James/Kathleen/Eugene (et al.),It is commonly known that, unless more hypothetical factors are added, the predictions made from the big bang model stand in utter contradiction of what we observe.

The crucial point, however, is not what happened after the bang, but what happened prior to it. Leaving Steady State aside, one can choose between: a) “everything came from nothing” (effect without a cause)b) “everything came from something” Because option a) is idiotic, it was utterly rejected by Fred Hoyle. Making fun of it, he called it sarcastically the “big bang”. Today, it is obviously idiotic not to accept the idiotic option, viz. the miraculous effect without a cause.

I assume this is all part of “the beauty of science”, the evolving ‘facts’, etc. That the current consensus is aligned with the views presented in this thread is perfectly fine. Personally, I prefer option b), and if that merits the designation of “religious fanatic”, then this is fine too. What is not fine is to teach children this miraculous illogical model without giving them the alternative version. And to clear the misunderstanding, – I don’t think the big bang theory is deplorable, it’s merely stupid.

Bombarding children and young teenagers with the stereotype, “13.8 billion years ago blablaba”, without even giving option b), – that is a deplorable crime which rather merits getting a millstone around the neck and to be drowned. I certainly don’t expect my insights to reform the education system anymore, but at least I’d like to air my views.

In response to further contributions: Uniformitarianism is not science but the result of disallowing a Divine Foot in the door. It’s merely the consequence of believing in the above magic, i.e. in an effect without a cause. As for evolution, it can be nipped in the bud right away: life doesn’t arise spontaneously from non-living chemicals, and if someone nevertheless wants to believe in the impossible, then I admire their faith, but I don’t share it and deem it irrelevant for our discussion. If it helps people to believe that they are unaccountable accidents, then I will be the last person to stand in their way.

I don’t know what the “antichrist reference” has to do with our subject, but it seems that the faculty of Atatürk University plus the Turkish government is viewed as a bunch of idiots or anti-science fanatics (this is what I am forced to conclude).

It is a pitiful tactic of recommending science, but I do appreciate the scoffing and also the vehement opposition if a find supports Scripture. Both of these practices prove the reliability of the biblical text. Considering all the redundant prattle, I wouldn’t mind moving on now and look at some (potential :-) autoptic archaeological evidence: Mt. Sinai, the encampment area, the altar of the golden calf, etc. – that kind of thing… any interest? No?

PS: James, – fossilized timber specimen found at the ark site was tested and showed 0.7019% organic carbon (plus 13.04% iron).

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Women`s body cycles and Moon


One sideness of Moon surface in respect to Humans on Earth suggest a special role played by Moon in women evolving and life. In some sense the creation of human embryo depends on Moon period. It seems that surface of Moon or some part of it emitted /reflected the Schumann Consciousness field (Psychon) which reached the only the women on Earth surface Divinus women are in direct connection with our Creator Wihout men Universe can survive, without women not

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The digression to the ark really tempts me to take apart, piece by piece, some of “science’s” sophistries, but it’s probably better to open a separate thread, something like: “Why is there no evidence for a) the Big Bang b) the geological periods c) molecule-to-man evolution?” – because it’s all nonsense.

As for the ark, I have spent quite a few hours there. It has a bow, a stern, and is 300 cubits or 157 metres long, i.e. the measurements given to Noah by God. As the terminology seemed to have been somewhat blurred in this thread: by the non-descript title “God” I am referring to YHVH – not to Jedi, King Kong or similar. A qualified expert would probably not recognize it as a ship, though it looks like a ship and sits – funny enough – on the Ararat Mountains, as stated in the Bible.

The fossil record shows anyway that there was a world-wide flood, but the ark is additional proof for this.

In 1987, Ataturk University confirmed the boat-shaped object to be Noah’s Ark, and the discovery was subsequently announced by the Turkish government. The “scientifically-minded” may not be interested, but here are some photos I took during my visit (plus attached a resistivity scan FYI):


Scientists who are motivated or driven by what they want or hope to be true are very hesitant to accept any evidence that would appear to be contrary to their cherished beliefs. Instead, an endless mixture of false assertions, false premises, and false conclusions plus ridicule, all clad in fancy scientific language – that is the over and over repeated defence strategy.

It is not my concern as such, but it is regrettable and a clear symptom of degenerate humanity, but fortunately, it will terminate soon.

PS: James, – teaching children “the best scientific model” as fact is not education, it is re-education.