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Re: This is what foids fear most. Curry-Rice Alliance when?



It's crazy how india went from honor killings to cuckold metoo in the span of half a decade.

china is halfway inspiring but still seems to "empower" the women to be sluts so they will fail as a nation.

then you have saudi arabia led by mohommad bin soylomon, who has a cockcage and is beaten by his dominatrix before issuing yet another feminist decree.

humanity ultimately is destined for failure now that women and soyboys are in charge.


China is EXTREMELY cucked. The women are pampered little princesses, second to maybe the super rich Oligarchs. They can pick whatever male they want, the ricecels have no say in the matter because there are 30 million surplus of men. Every chinese guy i've met utterly detests the foids of their country



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