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What is shifting?

Shifting is the act of sending your consciousness to a different reality. You can go to any reality you want, whether it be 2D or 3D, from a movie/book/show/anime, or a past memory of your life. It can be a future version of your CR that you'd like to experience, an alternate version of your CR where you have wings, or an alternate CR where you live in a different country. It can even be a dream or a world you created entirely on your own in your head.

How is shifting even possible?

There are different explanations for how this is possible, such as the multiverse theory and the idea that shifting is a transliminal experience. However, the core belief in why shifting works the way it does is rooted in the multiverse theory.

Good multiverse theory sources: (1) (2) (3)


Isn't shifting just a dream / lucid dreaming / astral projecting?

No. Let me better explain by clearly distinguishing the differences:

Dream - Hazy, uncontrolled, bizarre things can happen. You're not aware it's a dream as you dream. Reality checks may fail. You either wake up or are awoken somehow eventually.


Shifting - You gain consciousness in your desired reality, a reality you have subconsciously specified you want to go to. […]

Is shifting linked to mental illness?

There has not currently been a scientific link made between shifting and any mental illnesses.

Is shifting just daydreaming / my imagination?

No. Read the above Is shifting just a dream / lucid dreaming / astral projecting? for a more in-depth answer.

Is shifting immoral / against religion / a sin?

The short answer is no, it is not. If you're curious about the longer answers, this and this are helpful reads.

Is this all some big inside joke? Are you all just kids/teens doing this for attention?

Believe it or not, the shifting community gets this question all the time. No, this is not an inside joke. No, plenty of the shifting community is 18+. There are countless success stories, and many of the mods here have had personal experiences shifting. You can read other success stories under the "Success!" or "Mini-Shift" flairs.



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