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In my experience, being a science-minded person that experiments with the occult:

Women tend to have a very superficial understanding of astrology, paganism, and magick.

It was essentially men who explored this stuff long in the past but it’s been simplified and distorted over time.

(In at least two traditions I can remember, women are actually forbidden from learning and practicing the occult arts)

Women also get into this stuff for the aesthetic of a being witchy or “spiritual” without understanding the mechanics of how things operate “behind the veil”.

Furthermore, magick isn’t necessarily all “hocus pocus”, people do it unconsciously and continually without even realizing it. If I were you I would be very cautious in being so dismissive of “the dark arts”.

You may disagree with me, there’s no question about that. All I’m saying is don’t knock it until you try it and don’t think that setting out a few crystal quartz shards and incense is anything close to true sorcery.



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