Chet #fundie

There are no "ghastly biblical teachings". God's Word is 100% pure from cover to cover and it serves as a love letter to lost mankind, and, as well, reveals the Almighty's solitary redemptive plan on behalf of all us sinners via the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary. I subscribe to the Holy Bible, as written in the language I use, English, and preferably, the King James version. Poison, is but one of the tactics of the Devil to blind men's mind to the Truth that can set them free, free from Sin's dominion, free from Sin's penalty and free to lie down at night with the understanding that if, I, as a Christian, do not live to see the light of the next day, I'm assured of Heaven as if I were already there. And that's all predicated upon Christ and His finished work on Calvary's Cross in concert with His empty tomb and my faith in such. Faith, BTW, which the Holy Spirit imparted to me to understand, repent and believe the good news gospel. God is love and His Word is effective to all who will but dare to receive it. Hate is not something I subscribe to, esp since becoming a Christian.



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