myusernameiswhatever #sexist

I believe that peak trans is inevitable for just about everyone with any critical thinking abilities. For better or worse, the shit has just begun to hit the fan in the wider public sphere, and the harmful repercussions of trans demands are going to become ever more apparent. It's actually a great thing that the more obviously immature/mentally ill trans activists are being emboldened (e.g. Lily Madigan).

I am absolutely certain that he will help bring about peak trans by saying or doing something that even his most fervent handmaidens will not be able to defend. Can't wait! Also, males competing against females in international sports is going to wake some people up but good. The funny thing is that the things that trans activists think of as victories are what will ultimately bring them down (e.g., censoring the CBC documentary, which makes them look way worse than if it had aired). I welcome them displaying their batshittery for all to see.



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