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I've been sending out the SOS signal asking for help from you guys; but the help hasn't come. A few of you have been helping and assisting me -just a FEW - while the overwhelming majority have just turned a blind eye.

The Eden Decoded website is down. It's offline indefinitely and will be until further notice.

It's down because I can't afford the high bills associated with marketing and promoting plus hosting the site every month, without help from those who go there to read the articles.

This is the 4th time my site has gone down in a year because people either won't buy my ebooks or they won't donate. That's a shame before God. Yet they go to my site and read every article, share my articles, preach my articles: but never give back.

And folks have the nerve to falsely accuse me of being greedy for money! No: I'm greedy for souls! But spiritual warfare is real; and I can't do this alone, nor am I supposed to. If you're eating from this page God expects you to help me in my labor; not leave me hanging in my hour of need!

If you claim to love my work and believe it's from God, I need you to go to the link provided below right now and sacrifice like I and my family do. GIVE.

None of my articles or ebooks are accessible to the public until I can get the site back up again. And that's just leaving me at the break even point. I really need much more than that.

Do what you can and do it speedily. Thanks to those who help and continue to do so. God sees your efforts and He's aware. So do we. God bless. Donate by going here:…



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