Some Incels #sexist


SUIFUEL: Bunch of women were losing their minds over a “handsome” little boy

I went to the library to print something out and there were many parents and kids there for story time. When it was over, they were going up to the desk to check out books. The first set of kids came up and the clerks just acted normal, just “hi how are you” and “have a good day”. One of the kids said some cute funny kid shit and they just dully chuckled. Then a mom and her son, no more than 6 or 7, came up and you could physically feel the shift in their moods. All I heard was “OH MY GOD LOOK HOW HANDSOME YOU ARE!!!” And all three of them were practically screaming. They asked him his name and what school he went to and if he enjoyed his day (they didn’t ask any other kid ANY of those questions) and cooed at whatever answer he gave. When he and his mom left, all 3 of them watched him leave with beaming smiles on their faces. One of them said “he’s gonna be a heart breaker. EVERY girl will want him”. The other two agreed wholeheartedly and then one said “he better he famous with those looks.” Then, the blackest part, one said “Did you see how tall his mom was? Imagine how TALL he’s gonna be.” And they all practically creamed their pants imagining him in the future. They talked about him for another 2 minutes. Later another little boy asked one of them a question and she responded with a complete straight face. It was absolutely brutal


Mildly creepy how they determine a person's societal value when they are still just small children. Further proof that women are by far the biggest proponents of eugenics

not eugenics.

Nazis didn't just look for looks, but also for good morales and intelligence.

foids on the other hand, go only for looks, and a lot of them also go for dark triads traits and dominant aggressive chad losers who only have looks but lack intelligence


It'll be no coincidence that children treated like that end up being confident and outgoing in life due to the overwhelmingly positive social feedback they receive just for existing. And that will - in turn - perpetuate the 'just be confident' meme because morons will conflate confidence with looks.

Can't hate on the kid though. Hate the game, not the player and all that.


yes i have vivid memories of this happening to other kids.

my own mother and aunt would call my cousin a pretty boy, etc. she never said that stuff to me. lol. women love to worship genetics, just look at who they follow on instagram and how they idolise anyone even other girls purely on looks. it's all they care about.


Foids belong in the containment of homes with proximity ankle bracelets on.



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