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What is Hashem <God> teaching us with the coronavirus? Here’s my take:

When Moshiach <Messiah> comes and we can fulfill all 613 mitzvos, one mitzvah <act of good> will be harder to keep than the rest: taharah <ritual purity>. Not only is it not understandable; it inhibits movement. Don’t touch this! Don’t go there! Dip your clothes in the mikveh <community ritual bath>! It’s a hard sell.

How do you get the world to accept it? It seems impossible! So along comes the coronavirus, and all of a sudden the whole world is practicing similar restrictions, religiously, as if it were second nature.

Moshiach is preparing the world for a new elevated life of taharah and kedushah! Get ready! It’s coming!

Rabbi Sholom Blank



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