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[RageFuel] The term "sexual history"


I want you to read that phrase. Let it burn in your retinas:

Sexual .

Do you understand the implication of this??? That means sex-havers have an entire HISTORY that is SEXUAL. That is the gulf between a virgin and a sex-haver. It's literally difference between having a HISTORY and no-history. With sex-havers you can write a history textbook, or write a dissertation on just the sex they had in real life. You can have chapters on different partners, and the development of certain fetishes, and how they play out. The experimentation and development of technique and sexual maturity. The sexual history of a human being is the foundation of a modern human being, and a detailed normal sexual history is literally the most important thing to be a public figure in any capacity. Political careers are solidified or destroyed by sexual histories.

If you have the sexual history of Jesus Christ (in other words a fucking virgin, lol), in modern soyciety, that is highly suspicious. Even if you are religious, if you are ugly, people will not believe you and think you are some kind of closet pedophile. And do you know why that is suspicious??? Like Jesus himself, the history is suspect. No history = no trust= you are subject to intense scrutiny. People want second hand-accounts, referrals, letters of recommendation, sexual yelp reviews, alternative sources. It's safe to assume a virgin sexual history must be full of fucked up closeted perversions.



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