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[DailyReminder] This is what you do and what you lose only cuz you are UGLY.

while u smoke weed and shitpost on incels.co, this is what chad do:

[Porn screenshot of a man and a woman having sex in a “classroom”]

while u cope with useless youtube videos, this is what chad do:

[porn screenshot of a nude woman taking off a man’s trousers]

while you think about that foid from work/school that once said hello to you, this is what she is doing:

[porn screenshot of a woman having sex with a man with an enormous penis, in a position that looks extremely uncomfortable]

while you pet your dog, this is what your dog is thinking about:

[A woman on her knees, with a dog looking up her dress]

the ONLY reason you cant do those things is because you were born UGLY. you had nothing to with it. being ugly is a DEATH SENTENCE.
all those people out there that are having fun and fucking bitches, the only reason they are having such an amazing life is because at day 1 they were L U C K Y.



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