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As far as gay couples or singles adopting; What are we thinking? Being gay is being sexually deviant to begin with. Why do we think that they are not going to molest their adopted children? I think though,that molestation would be more of a problem with the men. I think that women gay or otherwise, have an innate sense of just wanting to rear children.

When my oldest son was just 3 years old, my gay brother asked if he could take a walk with him. Now as far as I know my brother has never molested any children. At first I didn't find the request strange and let my son go with him. After all they were just taking a walk around the neighborhood. While they were gone though, I got this terrible feeling. It may have been the Holy Spirit giving me warning or just maybe my over sense of protectiveness. But I decided that if they were not back in a few minutes I was going after them. They did come back in just a few minutes, but I never got over that feeling. I determined right then and there that I would never let my young son alone with him. Now, if I could feel that way about my own brother, who I love, then something is just not right. I just don't trust gay men to not try and molest little children.



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