ETrundel #fundie

I was thinking about this the other day; about why Liberals support homosexuality. You see, my reasoning is thus: Liberals, mostly being atheists ,deny the existence of God and seek alternative explanations such as Evolution; in other words, they are Darwinists. However, hand in hand with Darwinism goes the concept of 'survival of the fittest'. And it's here that their hypocrisy comes up. Homosexuality contributes nothing to the human race; it does nothing to produce a new generation. As such, it should have died out, and the liberals should be saying 'rightly so'. However, they support the homosexual agenda, and I came to two absurd conclusions about this (they were the only ones I could think of). Either the liberals support homosexuality to cover up the hole in 'survival of the fittest', or they support it purely to annoy Christian Conservatives (is it possible that they base their policies on sheer obnoxiousness?). Thought I would post this here, to see if I can get any more sensible conclusions. Or have I hit this absurd, twisted nail on the head?



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