Offensive_Bias #fundie

One of the issues I find with homosexuals is they live that life style because they feel "attracted" to the same sex. I for one would not let me "attractions" affect my life to be normal. I know of formal homosexuals who don't struggle with the temptation anymore, that's all it is. Some people are attracted to younger/older, animals, ect. it's not sinful but when they give in then that's when it becomes sin. God offers a way out. (1 Cor. 10:13). the exception is hermaphrodites because they are born with both sets reproductive organs.

The debate isn't about allowing homosexuals full rights, they already do. It's them creating special rights to bring their lifestyle more into the mainstream. With all the media attention on their side, no one in the media hasn't challenged them scientifically of what makes them homosexual. That needs debating rather their agenda be rushed through.



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