Vijay Prozak #racist

[From “Why Not All Europeans Are of Mixed-Blood”]
To know yourself, then, is to know your cultural background, and to be at home in it. With this in mind, it's hard to imagine straying far from what has made you what you are, as, after all, you like it. For this reason, most people of good breeding prefer to breed among their own kind, at least until social collapse is so far advanced that they cannot identify their cultural background, or it is so saturated with corruption that they throw out the baby with the bathwater and alienate themselves from both the corruption of their culture and the culture itself.

Those who are alienated from their cultural background, or so cowed by the world around them that they become submissive and wish to not be identified as having a cultural background that others wish to plunder, will seek something "different" as a means of obliterating their own cultural identity. In healthy times, these are the minority of people who "have problems," whether drug addiction or fascination with trivial representations of foreign cultures or sexual addiction, and most people are happy to see them go - so long as they pack up and move from their native lands to the country of their new partners. Indeed, who couldn't be pleased with such a match? You take those who don't fit and find them a place where they want to fit, so all parties are pleased.

For this reason, I know that not "all Europeans" are mixed, and in fact the greatest majority are "homogenous" in the sense of having a single thread of ethnic-cultural origin. ...



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