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Muslims and leftists have absolutely no problem with using the power of government to enforce their standard of ethics. Christians, however, because of their general lawlessness, are so confused on this issue that they would not, to their shame, permit themselves to use the laws of our land to enforce our Creator's standards of ethics.

It is too bad that most Christians today do not realize that the United States became a great country because of the righteousness of their pilgrim forefathers who came to this country, Bibles in hand, and based their laws on the Torah. Whatever greatness this country resembles today is merely borrowed from the past, as unwillingness to prosecute sexual perversion, some forms of which are capital crimes, is wicked to the core and worthy of our Creator's wrath.

If we hope to survive as a nation, the leftists in this country must be subdued and prosecuted for the criminals they are -- by force, if necessary.

It is too bad that Christians are not as dedicated to their religion as muslims and leftists are to theirs.



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