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We are descending into chaos, if Feminist and Men’s Rights don’t sort themselves out

I’m aware that Men’s Rights formed as a response to 4th wave over zealous feminist, but if we don’t have a proper sit down we’re fucked. I’ve checked out the feminist group and it’s an zero agency echo chamber that “men are dirt and are what’s wrong with the world, and no one takes us seriously”. It’s like they get angrier then we feel attacked so we respond with the opposite but equal force so on, it’s wild.

I’ve read some articles that whatever men do to women is always malicious and negatively intentional, and not down to the fact that contrary to popular belief, we are in fact different (often diametrically opposed) in our communication and reaction, due to outside of dating and controlled environments (school, work) we don’t interact with each other on the regular, so we have no way of knowing the others perspective and when discussions are brought up it’s normally with the goal of winning an argument rather than understanding.

This isn’t the subreddit for this, but something tells me that the powers that be want it exactly like this. Jeezus! Most issues would be resolved if we got rid of bureaucracy and institutions trying to validate their systems, and just talked, no stage no event, just discussion.



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