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RE: Video: ANC and Mainstream Media Are South Africa’s Problems, Not Whites – Unathi Kwaza

The Candace Owens of South Africa. She has no sway except to convince gullible Whites that the there is a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow Nation, when actually it's a big soup pot waiting to boil your bones.

This is what I've noticed about 'conservative' blacks. They say and do things that their conservative white base is terrified to say or do and get paid well for doing that while the liberal blacks make money agitating against whites. These gullible conservative whites think these 'conservative' blacks are on their side. They are so naive.

It's like that with whites. Liberal whites are not 'down' with helping out blacks or nonwhites. They say that to save face as many liberal whites don't live anywhere near black and nonwhite areas. In the end, your race trumps your politics.

Speaking of Candace Owens, didn't she support affirmative action and have a doxxing website? Could be wrong, but that's what I've heard.



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