Brendan O’Neill #transphobia

Trans: the new ideology of the ruling class

Yes, class domination has had a makeover. It wears bad wigs and stilettos now. Consider the Telegraph’s exposé of the woke training regimes that now pertain in the UK civil service. A vast dossier of internal documents was leaked to the Telegraph showing that the machinery of state has been conquered by the trans ideology, ‘white privilege’ chatter and other culture-war craziness. Civil servants who surely have better things to do are being given LGBTQ+ education and shown training videos about how sinful it is to stop a ‘transwoman’ – ie, a fella – from using the women’s loo.

At the Ministry of Justice, they’re even being told it’s racist to believe in biological sex. ‘In many societies’, said a ‘diversity’ group at the ministry, belief in two sexes ‘is a product and tool of colonialism and white supremacy’. You think biology is real? That a person with a dick is a man, not a woman, no matter how many pills he pops or TikTok transition videos he makes? Then you’re basically Cecil Rhodes. It’s bad enough that crap like this is being taught in universities, but in the civil service? Among the people whose job it is to keep society ticking?

For me, the most striking thing about the woke soiling of the civil service is its disciplinary undertones. The implicit threat of consequences for those who stray from the neo-religious line. Especially those lower down the social ladder, in the less-educated and thus more problematic section of the workforce. So in one training vid, a receptionist is shown ‘misgendering’ a trans-identifying male. He introduces himself as ‘Miss Caroline Standish’, but she calls him ‘Mr Standish’. Typical ditzy receptionist. Send her to HR. How dare a woman who just answers the phones disrespect this important man in pearls and a dress?




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