RICHTHOFEN #conspiracy

[Story that most workers in the financial sector in the City of London would vote for the UK to remain in the EU]

If that is their view, I suggest that they seek urgent psychiatric help. We know - look at the evidence - that the EUSSR won't tolerate any form of fair commercial competitiveness - ask Google, inter alia, look at the details of TTIP (if you know what that is) and they would strip the City of its edge and relocate it to Germany, before you can say Euro, this being all part of their strategy to break up the UK via their agent, the poison dwarf of Scotland, plus a fair smattering of Europhile Quislings within parliament, into a number of federal states all governed from Brussels - those city workers really need to look at what is actually happening and wake up before it is too late - Bonuses? Under the EUSSR? Don't make me laugh! - they are as marxist as they come and many of them still smart over having been 'defeated', if you can call it that, in two world wars. Merkel(former East German Communist uniformed party activist) and her henchmen are still smouldering, determined to bring us down, one way or another - and it is already abundantly clear what their first choice plan is, for anybody who cares to take the trouble to study the facts



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